A Lesson on relationships


Relationships are like playing a gamble. It is definitely risky and you are betting all your coins when there is a possibility you might win nothing. 

It is like the games theory, I am just a player as you are, each making a move to get a better payoff. However as the games theory, certain rules or possibilities apply in the relationship like the point were both players make decisions simultaneously, without knowing each other’s move.

I see someone i like, what if i am not the best payoff for him?  or lets reverse the table now, what if he is not my best payoff? what if it was not love at first sight for me? should I simply love you because you think you love me ?

In the end we all are selfish in relationships. It all comes down to how I feel or how you feel! Do I feel hurt or am I satisfied? In the end we are all fighting for ourselves.

So what if I am not ready to play the game?

what if I do not like the rules?

what if the risks are just too much?

Yes it is all about me because in the end I will be the one stuck in a relationship I do not want.

but remember that simultaneous line? it is the exception to the rules of the game just as love is the exception to the game of relationship. Love is that card you play irrespective of what your partner does. It is the connecting dot, the bridge to two hearts.

So if at all I am going to play this game, I must have my LOVE card, I do not care what people think. I would not let anyone make this decision for me because it is all about me, my cards, my moves, my feelings, my life and my future.





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