In the spirit of Christmas (chapter 1)




DEC 1st

Kaylee stood still at the little gate leading to the ice skating rink. Her elder sister had already run off with her husband and the both of them skated with laughter floating the air alongside other skaters. A sizable amount of individuals were present, skating gloriously to the song blaring through the speakers with such valor it reminded Kaylee of the last episode of Vikings she watched. A man twirled his girlfriend who hung tight to his neck as she screamed with delight; a group of girls skated a chorography, which only confirmed they were as experienced in skating as they were at eating or talking. A family stood out for Kaylee as the father and mother held both hands of their little girl who was learning how to skate in their middle- everyone was having fun completely oblivious to Kaylee’s dilemma.

She slowly looked at the ice skating shoe which she held by the lace and wondered why ice skating was such a good idea an hour ago as they left the house. May because she thought it would be as easy as she saw it in the movies back home in Nigeria, but now she was here in London and had no idea how to skate.

Kaylee shook her head at the scene before her “No! There is no way I am entering this rink”

She turned quickly unaware of the young man that was just approaching and bumped right into him.

Oh no she thought, I cannot ice skate and now I cannot carry myself on my own feet.”

“Err…” she shuffled to her feet but slipped and fell again still dizzy from her first fall.

“Hey” the young man said reaching out to help her up when the back of her head collided with his jaw that same instant she tried to get up.

“Ouch!” they both screamed in pain, this time far apart to avoid further accidents. Kaylee rubbed her head gingerly as it hammered against her brain. It felt like his teeth had sunk into her skull and she checked over and over again for a lost teeth. When Kaylee didn’t feel any teeth or feel any blood, she looked up apologetically at the person she has just assaulted.

“Are you okay?” He asked her.

“Urr…” she stuttered. “ Errr….” She attempted to speak again but could not get words out.

She was taken! Taken by his height- he must have been 6 feet; she was taken by his well sculpted body. He looked like someone who was born in the gym but even though he was well built, he didn’t look like Batista or any wrestler at all, he was just perfect in the big brown coat he was wearing that had furs at the collar.

“I should check that out, you might have hit your head badly” he said more concerned for her than his jaw that he thought had shifted from its original position.

He moved closer to her by two steps and that was when she finally looked up at his tender face. His black hair was curly like that of a baby, he must have touched it though, but it looked natural to her. His eyes were big but not bulgy like a fish and they were dark brown. They were so alluring she was lost just by looking at them.

“Okay you must have a concussion” he said again peering down at her now, totally concerned for the petite beautiful girl before him.

“Err…sorry what was question?” she finally asked reality dawning on her.

“I asked a lot of questions” he wrinkled his nose and tightened his mouth in amusement “so you should be asking for one in specific.”

“Ow! The first?” she contemplated trying to ignore how deep his voice was and the effect it had on her.

He chuckled and shook his head “are you sure you don’t want to check your head out? I could drive you to a hospital”

“Oh! No.” she flipped her left hand at him to brush off the suggestion “that would be unnecessary, I am fine. I feel fine she finally added.”

“Sure?” he asked again, unsure of why he was feeling so generous to the young lady when he had promised not to again to any lady.

“Yes I am thank you” she said and immediately regretted it. Why she did, she couldn’t understand but then she thought it wise to leave immediately after the series of embarrassment she had just had.

“She didn’t even apologize” he thought to himself has he made his way to the rink.

“Hey!” she called back and he turned in response. “Thank you and I am really sorry for any pain I might have inflicted” at this point she lowered her head shyly.

He nodded before he turned and retreated as did she.


“I told you before, you might never see him again in your life why does it even bother you?”

“Because” Kaylee rolled her eyes at Florence her sister “he was so perfect and calm about the whole situation, but I on the other hand looked like… like…”

“An imbecile?” her sister suggested

“Yes! How did you guess?”

“Because” Florence gazed outside her window absentmindedly “you’ve told us that over five times since we left the rink”

Dapo, Florence husband chuckled softly from behind the wheels before he looked at Kaylee through the rear mirror “don’t you worry about that. You over think things too much! Am sure he thought you were cute”

Florence snorted at his attempt of a compliment “please don’t flatter her” she rolled her eyes even if it was obvious that Kaylee was the most beautiful in the family.

“Piglets are cute, puppies are cute… are you trying to compare me with a baby animal? Because it would not make you any different from mum who is the main reason for my quick trip to London”

Florence did not know what to do to help her sister. Once she started overthinking things she would not stop. “See who is bringing up mum today. If I were the one, all the snow that has fallen would melt at your displeasure”

“Please… can we just…” Kaylee started but was cut off by Florence.

“Am not saying what mum did is good but she had all but good intentions for you and you should probably call her. You have been in London for a week now and you have spoken to all but mum”

“She trying to marry me off to that 35 years old man and I am what? Just 22.” Kaylee grabbed her phone she tossed to the car seat once she got in and pulled the man’s picture for the 100th time and showed her sister with that same disgusted look she had on whenever she did so.

“Just look at who they want me to spend the rest of my life with?”

“He is not that bad seriously and you haven’t even met him. He might just be a sweet guy you know” Florence said absently, rubbing her big belly. She was eight months and 3 weeks gone already and any day from now her baby will be arriving this world. She smiled to herself before she turned to her younger sister.

“I don’t need to meet him” Kaylee snapped. “Why do people think they can just fix someone for me the way they have been deciding my life. Marriage is the one thing I get to decide for myself. I want to meet someone myself and fall in love I want to experience the thrill for myself okay?”

“And why can’t you experience it with this guy? What’s name again…” Florence thought.

“Please don’t even mention his name” Kaylee shrieked which caused Dapo to laugh.

“Ah ha” Florence raise a hand like someone who had finally gotten an answer “Billy! Why can’t you experience all that with him”

Kaylee buried her hand in her palms “because he is not the one, because I cannot imagine myself with him, or maybe because I am not attracted to   him, or maybe because I am expected to marry him all because mum and his mum think it’s a nice idea? Ow yes! And let’s not forget that I am not attracted to him”

Florence rolled her eyes again “attraction goes beyond physical looks you know”

“Yes I do. I studied psychology as a minor remember? But then again, beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder and attraction is founded on something.  I haven’t seen any”

“Maybe because you haven’t even met him?” Florence snapped in frustration and got a look from her husband.

“Whose side are you on anyway?” Kaylee raised her voice to match her sister’s”

“Am not taking sides” Florence said nonchalantly again “I just think you are being childish about this whole thing! You have to get your nose out of those romance books you stick your nose in and face reality. Kaylee, things do not happen the way they do in those stupid novels of yours”

Kaylee could feel her blood boil and those same glittering feeling that sent her running from Nigeria returned. She shut her eyes as she tried to calm down.

“Baby “ Dapo warned “I think you should let her be, don’t go sending her away under this bad weather because the next thing will be both of us trying to fill a missing person form. At least that is what happened in Nigeria before we saw her at our door step”

Kaylee was glad Dapo saw reasons with her because she was already calculating how much she had left to spare from her savings to travel to Canada and stay with her other elder sister Claire.

“Let her get what she really wants, after all you got yours. It’s only fair to her” Dapo continued.

“But baby I don’t want her to miss an opportunity just because she is expecting some fairy tale.

“I am not expecting some fairytale Florence! I have prayed about my future husband he is not this guy!”

“Fine! But…”

“No buts please Florence. Just drop it I am already pissed off” Kaylee said taking a short breath to calm herself.

She settled back in her seat at the back of the Mercedes Benz C class 2014 her sister’s husband drove and thought about the whole event of the day. Maybe she should have just stayed home in the first place.


Hello i hope you enjoyed this part. I discovered a chapter is really long to post so i will be posting the link to subsequent chapters that will direct you to my wattpad page. thank Thank you. please like, comment and share.




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