In the spirit of Christmas (Dec 2nd)



They were in the car again, this time heading to the hospital for another round of checkup for her sister. Let’s just say Dapo was more than excited to be a father and just wanted to make sure everything was in order especially his son.

“It’s going to be a girl” Florence said before taking a sip of her tea which she managed to make before being dragged to the car.

“No honey. I know it’s a boy”

“I am the one carrying the baby” Florence screamed “I said she’s a girl”

Kaylee who was perched at the back sit again could not understand why she had to be there with them. Oh yes because her sister has been having a short temper all week and Dapo practically begged her for support.’

“Why don’t you both just find out the sex of the baby already?” Kaylee spoke up for the first time since they got into the car.

“It will take out the surprise when I put to bed. Besides we made a bet on it. If it’s a girl and I am right Dapo will get me a new car”

Kaylee rolled her eyes and glared at her sister but kept her mouth shut. She had not forgiven her just yet”

“I still think it’s a boy” Dapo still dare to pursue his point and got a death glare from Florence. He quickly glanced to the back sit at Kaylee to rescue him. Kaylee eyed him and looked out of her window and the many book stores that lined the street they drove through. She was not willing to help nor involve herself in another marriage issue.

She snuck a look at the mirror again and caught his pleading eyes. She sighed and decided to help.

“I want to go to the nearest bookstore when we get to the hospital if that is okay by you both” she said with all intentions of exploiting her brother-in-law.

“Ow great! More romance books” Florence said sarcastically. Kaylee tried her best to ignore the statement but couldn’t.

“Romance, poetry, thriller, horror, even an animated story book…but hey!  Anything that keeps me out of your space.”

“Dapo did you hear this girl?” her sister warned daringly. “I will slap her o”

Kaylee just rolled her eyes and kept looking out. After an uncomfortable silence had descended over them, she decided to speak up again “so? Can I?”

Dapo glanced over at his wife not willing to make a decision without her.

“You are so angry with me that you don’t want your first look at your niece or nephew huh?” Florence said more sad than angry.

Kaylee felt guilty once again and cursed her kind heart. That same kind heart that made all the guys she ever liked to friend zone her. She seemed like the perfect friend they could all come to when in need but never to date her.

“I will go after the ultra-scan” Kaylee murmured.

Her sister remained silent while Dapo spoke up “sure no problem kay”

Once they arrived the hospital, they were taken to a little room that was beautifully decorated with baby pictures and Christmas decorations but not as elaborate as the Christmas decoration that greeted them at the reception.

Florence took her place on the little examination bed and pulled up her big maternity blouse she had on. The size of her sisters’ belly surprised Kaylee each time she saw it and she chuckled to herself.

“What’s amusing you” Florence began

“Nothing just how big your tummy is, despite all the effort you made in maintaining a flat tummy” Kaylee laughed lightly.

“Well that’s because there is an eight months plus baby inside” Florence snapped and Dapo tried to calm her down.

“What did I even do” Kaylee whined as the nurse came in for the examination…. continue reading the story here

thank you for dropping by today.. see you tomorrow!



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