Hello! Today being the 3rd of December, is 22 days to my glamorous birthday!  I am a Christmas baby lol
Whoop whoop!!!  Are you excited??  I know I am excited!!
So I decided to make a wish list of all the things I will Love to have before or on my birthday. Let’s say it’s my little fantasy this year… Anyway Here goes!

1) An Acoustic guitar- I have always had a special thing for the Guitar. I love listening to soft rock and acoustic versions of songs because I enjoy the way the guitar makes the song alive.  It’s simply natural and so I will Love to have one.


2) Beats by Dre headphones : I think I am obsessed with music. I listen to music everyday and all day.  Lol but since I don’t want to disturb others and still have the experience of a live concert, I will Love to have the beats headphone. It’s just wow! And it really brings the songs to life. 😁😁


3) Ted Dekker and Karen kingsbury book collection: The first Ted dekker and Karen kingsbury book I read captured my heart and ever since I cannot pass by any of their books.  I think it will be awesome to have a collection of their books



4) I touch : why do I want an I-touch again?  Ow yes!  Because it is easy to carry around, good picture quality  and majorly because the quality of my school recommended device is crap! LOL!


5) Mac lipstick: Mac is an epitome of quality and beauty


6) A bracelet : Simply because I am a sucker for bracelets and wristwatches. You can never have too many 😁😂:D


7) A susen purse : I love SUSEN!!!!!!!!!


That should be all.  Anyway,  thank you for dropping by, much love. I wish you a beautiful Chirtmas in advance..Ow! and a happy Birthday to all those celebrating their birthdays this wonderful month of December… Cheers!




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