“But why did we have to go shopping today?” Kaylee grumbled to her sister who brushed past her to pick up another can of sweet corn off the shelf. “It’s Thursday night for Christ sake what happened to Saturday or even tomorrow”

“Because I need what I came to buy for breakfast tomorrow.”

Kaylee grumbled and followed her sister to the next line that had frozen turkey and chicken.

“You are just angry because you are missing a new episode of arrow that’s all.”

“Yes and the fact that Dapo is watching it without me.”

“Well he did promise to record it for you.” Florence said.

“I don’t want to watch it later!” Kaylee snapped. Besides you know Dapo. He will spoil the episode for me by blabbing all that happened the moment we get home.

Florence just shrugged and picked up another pack of frozen chicken. “Sorry about that. I don’t know what is interesting in that show.

Kaylee’s mouth dropped “what? Everything is interesting! In fact am sorry to say but you just failed this city and failed me with that statement”

Florence laughed at her sister’s childishness. “Grow up kay!”

Kaylee simply crossed her arms over her chest and followed her sister.

“Gosh I need to wee” Florence said.

“Now who is the child?” Kaylee scoffed.

“Still you” her sister sang.

“Says the pregnant woman that pees every 20 minutes.”

“Shut up! And go grab the pita bread. I will meet you at the counter”

With that her sister left Kaylee with the trolley that was packed with goodies. Kaylee navigated through the shopping mall until she found the aisle that had pita bread. She grabbed two bags of it and dumped in the trolley before she bent down to grab a chocolate syrup from the lower compartment. She left one hand lazily on the trolley while the other stretched out to grab the syrup.

She cursed for being so short before she left the trolley and bent down fully to pick the syrup. Still in her bending position she checked for the expiry date as she saw her sister do for all the things they bought.

Satisfied with what she saw, she tried to get up but smashed her head into another.

“What is it with me and running into people” she screamed and rubbed her head hotly before glaring at the person that had invaded her space.

“You again?” they both screamed and pointed at each other.

“I am so sorry, this time is totally my fault. I was just rushing to grab the last jar of jam I didn’t know you would get up so soon from you bent position. I thought I could grab it quickly and leave since your trolley took up all the space.”

“Wow! Just this time? Meaning you still blame me for other times huh?”

The doctor who was now wearing a navy blue varsity thick sweater, a pair of dark jeans, a head warmer, gloves and boots chuckled.

“Well, you did run into me…”

“Because you weren’t looking both times” Kaylee threw her hands up to emphasis what she was saying.

“Okay Fine! Spicy one aren’t ya” he gave her a cheeky grin that made her warm on the inside as that stupid chill ran down her body. “Are you okay? He covered the gap between them and looked closely at ‘her”

“Well, I think I should finally get my head checked out. Crashing heads with you three times in three day must leave a dent in my skull don’t you think?”

He laughed hard at her statement while she giggled impressed with herself.

“Yeah you should. Do you want me to book you up? I think I am freest between the hours of 6pm and 8pm.” He smiled warmly at her.

“And why can’t I just meet up with another doctor that will be available while there is still day light?”

“Well, I was thinking since I caused the dent in your skull I should be the one to fix it. Besides we could grab dinner after that. What do you think?”

“Remind me why I would want to have dinner with you?” she wrinkled her nose in thought “I mean all three times I have met you, you have inflicted pain on me. Why would I want to see you again?”

“Well, good point there” he said looking serious now “I took an oath to save lives at all cost so this is my professional duty, the dinner is my civic duty but if you give me your number…”

Kaylee didn’t allow him finish his statement by laughing. “Please you need to work harder on your moves okay?”

“Who said I was making a move?” he said thoughtfully before he smirked and looked at her straight in the eye.

Kaylee immediately became uncomfortable and wanted to run again.

“So how about that number and the appointment?” He asked again.

She laughed nervously before she blurted out her digits. “I haven’t agreed to the dinner though”

“Miss?” he asked.

“Miss Kaylee” she answered “you?”


“You are Nigerian? I th- I thought you were…” she shook her head, shocked that he had a Yoruba name.

“Well if you say yes to that appointment you could know all about where I am from.”

Kaylee laughed “Not gonna happen.” With that she reached for her trolley and quickly made her way to the counter where her sister was waiting impatiently.

“What took you so long?” Florence asked.

“Oh!” Kaylee blushed lightly “I couldn’t find the Pita bread”

Good day all. I am so sorry I was not as consistent with posting as i promised. The truth is I haven’t had access to the Internet for a while. So I will be posting 2 chapters everyday till I am able to catch up with the date. Thanks for reading, please do like and comment.



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