DEC 4th


The weather had picked up quickly or maybe Kaylee was just feeling cold and light headed. She was curled on the three seater sofa in the sitting room trying to find something interesting on her I-phone.

She watched some Instagram funny videos and laughed to herself. Her phone started ringing and immediately she identified the caller to be her mum, Kaylee hit the mute volume and watched as the call rang on and later cut. She wasted no time in going back to her videos and kept laughing as if her phone never rang.

“…but I have been asking you what’s wrong all morning but you didn’t answer me.” Kaylee overheard Dapo her brother-in-law but didn’t pay too much attention.

“…Florence it is this same attitude that pisses me off. I thought it is because you are heavily pregnant but now I just think you are being sassy.” Dapo said again and since Kaylee could not hear her sister’s voice, it seemed as if Dapo was talking to himself. Shortly after he walked into the sitting room and over to Kaylee who acted like she heard nothing at all.

“Please could you assist your sister in the kitchen? Even if she needs help she would never ask for it and I am done trying”

Kaylee slowly placed her phone on the glass stool beside the sofa and sat up. “What is wrong Dapo?”

He scratched his head and opened his mouth before he closed it again “Never mind! I am going for a drive.”

Even if Kaylee wanted to go with him and offer whatever help she could, she would rather stay with her sister. She nodded and headed for the kitchen which was much warmer than the sitting room. She savored the warmth by shutting her eyes briefly before she walked up to her sister.

“How could I be of service ma’am” she said with her best British accent.

“None.” She sister said in a monotone voice.

“Well, I am not going to take No for an answer today” Kaylee insisted resting her head on her palms with her elbow placed gently on the kitchen island.

Her sister ignored her and continued with her routine before she broke down and started crying.

“What’s wrong?” Kaylee reached out to her sister in order to comfort her. “Relax am sure it’s Just the hormones”

“No!” Florence shook her head. “Where is Dapo?” ……
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