The house was still tensed from the quarrel of the day before. Dapo had slept on the couch in the sitting room since Kaylee had the guest room. The weather had picked up again and Kaylee felt bad for Dapo since the sitting room was much more cold than any other part of the house.

Her alarm went off at 7:00am as Kaylee reached out of bed and slammed it off. It was Saturday and she wanted to sleep in. this was an opportunity to sleep in especially as she did not get such luxury in Nigeria. It was either family fellowship or a lot of house chores.
Regardless, she opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling for a couple of minutes before she decided to get off the bed.

In 10 minutes she had prayed, brushed her teeth and was heading downstairs to the kitchen.

Dapo was already standing by the coffee pot brewing himself some.
“Good morning” Kaylee said cheerily.

“Morning.” Dapo murmured. He looked like he had little or no sleep at all last night.

“Are you okay? You look like you didn’t sleep at all”

“Maybe two hours tops” he said pouring the dark liquid into a mug.
“Is everything okay with you and Florence? You can talk to me you know?” Kaylee was very concerned.

“Even if I wanted to talk to you, I could not. It’s more complicated than you think”

“Try me!” Kaylee said confidently.
Dapo scratched his head and immediately looked away from Kaylee’s darling eyes. “Did you sleep well last night?”

It was Kaylee’s turn to look away. She walked to the cabinet and pulled out a box of Kellogg’s cornflakes.

“Yeah” she murmured, pouring her milk over the cereal in her bowl. If he doesn’t want to talk then I too can play that game.

“Kaylee I know you mean well but please can you stay out of this particular issue”

“Well it’s my sister here, she is pregnant and she is not happy I don’t think I can just stay away of this issue”

“I knew this will happen” Dapo gave an annoyed laughter.

“What does that even mean?”

“It means you don’t know the whole story yet you are picking sides with your sister.”

“No I am not” Kaylee raised her voice.

“Yes you are. In fact I cannot do this with you too” he said and walked out of the kitchen with his coffee still in his hand.

“What the hell just Happened?” Kaylee asked aloud. Shaking her head she sat down at the little breakfast table and enjoyed her cereal.
Once she was done and had washed the dishes, she went in search of her sister but also found Dapo standing at the Balcony looking lost to the view.
Kaylee ignored him as she found her way to her sisters bed room “Rise and shine sleepy head”

Her sister turned to her before returning to her former position on the bed.

“Yeah it’s nice to see you too.” Kaylee said sarcastically, making her way to the bed. “What’s up sis?”

Florence silence just made the room more tensed.
“Common!” Kaylee breathed out “At least you will answer me” 

“How are you?” Florence asked

“How are you?” Kaylee asked back ignoring her sister’s question.

“I am fine” Florence answered.

“Dapo slept on the couch last night is everything okay?” Kaylee decided to just ask the question straight up.

Florence did not answer and it annoyed Kaylee.

“Florence I think-“
“Don’t you have something or someone else to bother” Florence cut Kaylee off.

“Wow!” Kaylee was annoyed now. “As a matter of fact I do. I am going out this afternoon. I thought you should know.”  With that she bounced off the bed and headed out.

“With who?” Florence called out.”
“A friend!”
“Which friend do you have in London?”

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