Dec 6th


The house was as cold as ever, not just because of the weather but the atmosphere. Florence and Dapo were not still talking and Kaylee could not understand why. They were having dinner at the dining table but nothing was happy about it. The only thing that kept kaylee warm were thoughts of her date with Seun.

They had spent the rest of the night at a restaurant eating and talking about random things ranging from most embarrassing days to the funniest days to most memorable days… It was a beautiful night in london and as seun dropped kaylee off, she wished the night could go on just a little bit more. She helped herself with the door and stepped out of the car before seun could get around to open the door for her.

“Fast one aint ya” seun said as he got to her.

Kaylee giggled ” that’s me! Thank you for today.”

Seun brushed her off “please I should be thanking you. If you hadn’t shown up I would probably be working. So thank you for the escape, I needed it”

Despite how easy it was to talk to seun all night,  it was so awkward for them both to say a proper goodnight . Kaylee offered her hand the same time seun moved in for a hug and when seun switched to the handshake, kaylee went for the hug. They had both laughed at their confusion when seun spoke up “I think after tonight we both deserves a hug”

“I totally agree” kaylee replied.

Seun had given her a warm embrace and when he lingered, kaylee took a deep breath of his perfume as if memorising the way he smelt. She could not  comprehend what she was feeling at that moment but she knew she would never get tired of his embrace.

Dapo cleared his throat breaking the silence at the dinning table and bringing kaylee out of her thoughts.

“Dinner is lovely” he said through this nose.

Florence did not spare him even a look, as the silence return except for the chatters of the cutlery.

“I went on a date yesterday incase none of you noticed” kaylee said and looked at both her sister and brother in-law.  When she was sure she had their attention,  she continued “well maybe it wasn’t quite a date but we went to the movies and had dinner”

“Who is he?” Florence finally spoke up for the first time.

“He is a doctor at the hospital” kaylee couldn’t hide her smile as she spoke.

“How did you meet him?” Dapo asked, stuffing a piece of shredded chicken in his mouth.

“Funny story!” Kaylee chuckled to herself “we bumped into each other three times in a roll so we just decided dinner would be fun”

The silence decended upon them again and kaylee’s  cheeky grin was about to desolve when Florence spoke up “you should run a background check on him.  You have to know for sure that he is not a serial killer, or a con artist or who knows?  He might just be an adulterer or a fornicator.” Florence directed the last part of her statement to her husband.

Dapo dropped his cutlery with a bang on his plate. “You just had to bring that up right? You can’t just let it go! I hope you are happy? Because now kaylee knows how screwed up our marriage is”

“Don’t you dare put this on me” florence snapped.  “you are the one that hurt me, you are the one that cheated on me with that hore you call a secretary. So don’t you dare Dapo blame me because you cannot control your libido.”

“What?” Dapo jumped to his feet causing his chair to topple over “it was your damn fault I cheated. You are always at work , always in one meeting or the other. And when you are at home,  you spend hours on your computer. I even cook and clean after you when I come back from work!”  Dapo started pacing “I cannot have sex with my fucking wife because of her fucking job!” He yelled….

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