The next morning came quickly and kaylee was sure she only slept for a minute. Yes definitely a minute because she had just shut her eyes and bam! Sunshine!
She rolled to her side, looking out of her window that held a beautiful morning. She wanted to just stay in bed, stay in bed and think! Think about what she would do next!  Maybe she should pack up and just leave. Maybe Nigeria?  No! Not until  mum drops her stupid idea of marriage or maybe Canada?  Claire will be glad to have her after all this years.

Kaylee poundered till her thought was interrupted.

“What are you doing here??”  Go back to your hore! ”


“No Dapo! You are insane if you think I will let you in”

Kaylee shut her eyes for a second before she jumped out of the bed and ran downstairs.
Dapo was standing at the door and florence was blocking him with a base ball bat swinging in her hand.

“Florence!  Let him in. It’s his house after all.” Kaylee spoke cooly from where she was and was impressed at the reaction she got. Dapo jogged past Florence and kaylee “I will just grab some clothes and be off.” He said under his breath more to kaylee than his wife.

“Who asked you to stick your mouth in eh?” Florence charged at Kaylee who stood her ground. She was amazed at the confidence she had at that moment considering the fact that she was calculating her escape soon.

“It is his house sis. Let him.”

Florence laughed with scorn “let this be the last time you put your mouth in my business or else I will send you back to Nigeria.

“You dont have too” kaylee folded her arms across her chest “I am leaving already!”

The shock on Florence face proved to kaylee that her sister did not mean what she said but kaylee was ready to push her threat to the very end.
She ran back to her room and pulled out her suit case from the wardrope and began stuffing clothes inside.
She remembered she had some clothes in the laundry room and charged there with all determination to leave the house as well, when she saw Dapo in the laundary room.

“Sorry I didnt know you were here I just wanted to pick-” kaylee stopped her sentence when she noticed that Dapo was crying. “Dapo-” she reach out to him.

“I love her Kaylee. I know I made a stupid mistake and I shouldn’t have slept with my secretary but I was just fed up that day. It was just once Kaylee and I felt guilty right after and told Florence. ” he shook his head as another tear ran down his cheek.

“You told her?” Kaylee could not believe Dapo confessed.

“Yes I did. If I could go back in time and undo this I will Kaylee. I will! I know I voilated our wedding vows and dishonoured my marriage but I have made every effort to make it right with Florence but she cannot just let it go.”

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