DEC 8th


“Doctor Delvin, your attention is needed at private ward 6” Seun heard a nurse over the intercom. He always used his first name Delvin but Seun was his second name, a name only his Nigerian mum called him.
He had no idea why he gave Kaylee his yoruba name. Maybe it was because he did not want her to  be associated with his past life. There was something very bad associated with his first name. Maybe because he heard several girls scream that name while he was on top of them or maybe because alot of other girls have cursed that name. He wasn’t sure which but Seun? It was a pure name and it was perfect for kaylee to call him that because she signified something pure and new in his life.

He got off his leather sit and headed to the ward of Mrs Lilly an old woman he had become very fond of. She had lung cancer and her life was hanging on a thread of hope. He knew she was going to die but he couldn’t discourage her. He had told her in the most professional way, that her lungs were deteriorating fast but her faith was too strong to accept it. She had smiled at him and said “Nonsense doctor I will be fine. My grand child is coming home for the Christmas holiday and I must see her. She is five years and I cannot break my promise to that sweet child.”

He was a christian as well who believed in God but there was a degree to his faith. He could not just see this woman leave the hospital anytime soon. It was a fact.

The beeping sound of the machine alerted him as he stepped in. The poor woman was gasping for breath and from the way the nurses were fussing around her he knew it was almost too late. Seun rushed over and issued commands to the nurses as he tried to stablise her.

“Her heart rate is dropping” a nurse alerted him.

“Damn it!” Seun said under his breath as he fought to save the woman’s life all the while thinking you cannot die on your grandchild Lilly.

“We’ve got her back” a nurse announced as the beeping sound of the machine stabilised.

Seun released a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He gave further instructions to the nurses before he headed back to his office. He was suppose to go for his final round for the day in the next 5 minutes but he needed to get his mind and heart to work together.
Seun walked into his office, shut the door and leaned against it. With his eyes shut he took a deep breath and released it, repeating the procedure several times.

He should have probably gotten use to seeing patients die but each time he was there, seun got very frightened at the fact that one second someone was breathing and the next  that same person was gone. Each time he experienced this, it only confirmed that life was very short.
He was glad he had a second chance to make his right because despite the ‘Fun’ he thought he was having, he discovered he was only wasting his ‘very short life’.

His mind went back to kaylee and how beautiful she was looking the previous night. One look at her and he wanted to pull her in for a kiss. He didn’t want to scare her or rush her, hell he even liked her a lot but he wasn’t sure if he was simply infatuated or he liked her for real.

He was confused at how fast he was falling for her and how fond of her he had gotten within 7 days. Maybe he was going back to his old ways? No! What he felt was deeper than just sex. He wanted to know and understand kaylee.

Kaylee! kaylee! kaylee! He loved her charisma Seun thought as he made his rounds. He loved the way she sang to ever song that he played in the car, he loved the way her eyes twinkled when she laughed.
Thoughts of kaylee had hunted his night and his day but now, Seun could not understand the urgency he felt to talk to her. He really wanted to see her but figured a call will have to do.

Immediately after he finished his rounds for the day, Seun pulled out his phone and called Kaylee.

“I never doubted you when you said peanut butter and ketchup was good with bread but I didnt know it was that good” kaylee said excitedly as soon as she picked up on the third ring.

Seun chuckled “I told you. You should listen to me more you know”

“Yes doc!” Kaylee teased “how’s the hospital? ”

He sighed “Fine, I almost lost a patient today…”

“Oh my God! How is the patient now?”

“Stable for now. I hope she would be fine”

“Yeah I hope so too. ” kaylee sympathized “Have you closed for the day?”

“Yes infact I was about heading out”

“Okay, any plans for the evening?” She asked again and despite the fact that Seun wanted to see her, he needed to sort through his feelings

“Naa! I will just head home and rest. I have a surgery tomorrow”

“Ow yeah! Go Get em doc!” She cheered him and he found himself laughing.

“Okay good night sweetheart” Seun said still smiling.

“Good night doc!” Kaylee said with a giggle.

After he had cut the call, Seun looked at his phone still smiling.  He hoped what he felt was real because he couldn’t let her go neither could he hurt her.


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