DEC 9th


“Life is beautiful and brighter when you have been to hell and back yet you are stronger ”

This was the quote Florence woke up to on this very Wednesday morning. She had taken a long shower and had brushed her hair carefully packing it up in different styles before settling on a bun.

She wore her favorite blue jean and a pink flowery maternity blouse and glided downstairs like she had no care in the world.

Kaylee could not pretend not to notice the air her sister had that morning. It was the same way her sister looked when she announced to the family she was engaged to Dapo.
Kaylee was hopeful some miracle had taken place over night and somehow her sister had reconciled with her husband. She waited patiently for her sister to break the good news as she sipped on her hot cup of coffee.

Florence on the other hand hummed softly to a Christmas song, a smile playing on her lips as she made white oat with sliced apples and strawberries for herself.

“Want some?” Florence took a break from her humming to ask her sister.

“No thank you I am fine for now”

Florence smiled and continued with her humming before she took her place at the kitchen table.

“So…?” Kaylee said eyeing her sister

“What? Florence asked still chewing on her oat and apples.

“Fine! since you don’t want to tell me what’s got you all excited, I will just ask straight up!” Kaylee released a breath “Are you and Dapo back?”

Florence smile dissolved immediately “No!” and she continued with her lovely breakfast.

“So what’s got you all ecstatic?”

After about five slow minutes, Florence answered “I have decided to file for a divorce.”

“What?” Kaylee almost spat her coffee.

“Kaylee I cannot forgive him. Besides, when I am around him I am just angry and such hate is not good for the baby”

“You cannot be serious Florence. What do you mean you cannot forgive him? Marriage is for better and for worse.”

“And he did not think about that before he broke our vows.”

“No Florence. Dapo is only human and he made a mistake. Forgive him! It’s not like you haven’t made many mistakes too.”

“Like?” Florence barked.

“Ow! Let’s not go opening your dark secrets I only know of. What I am saying is many times we have failed God and if he decided he would not forgive us where would we be now? All I am saying is that you should forgive him just as our heavenly father forgives us.”

“Oh pastor! Preach on. Let me ask you. When last did you read your bible?” Florence mocked Kaylee.

Kaylee drank the last of her coffee and rose from the chair “Don’t turn this on me. I am just trying to help here”

“And how do you intend to help me? You haven’t even been in a relationship miss kind-hearted- do-gooder.”
Kaylee felt like she had been stabbed in the heart by her sister.

“Did you even consider the fact that you are carrying his baby and that baby will be born into a broken family?”

Florence was quiet for a few seconds “I woke up happy today I don’t need you to ruin this day for me okay? My mind is made up”

Kaylee could not think straight. She had just stepped into a bad divorce. What was she going to do? Her sister was right she had not being in a real relationship what did she know? All she knew was that divorce was not an option.

She left Florence in the kitchen and headed to her room. Once the door was shut, Kaylee leaned on the door and slid to the floor. With her eyes shut she thought of what she could do. She was as confused as her sister downstairs. She was looking for an adventure not doom. She needed help but from who? After thinking for a while, she crawled to her bed and settled on her knees. She was lost but if she was going to help her sister she needed help herself and the only place she knew she could get help was on her knees. With her eyes shut, Kaylee did the only thing she knew how to. She prayed!

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