DEC 11th


Dapo walked into the hospital he had become so acquitted to over the past 9 months and after talking with the nurse at the reception, he followed her directions to the room his wife was in.

He was nervous and scared. Anxious even to see her after so long. Okay just a few days but it seemed like forever. He was madly in love with Florence but none of that mattered now with the divorce documents lying on his desk back at the hotel.

He did not believe she could send those papers to him after all they had been through. They had prayed for a child and after years of praying and trying, she would send him divorce papers when the baby was finally coming?

Dapo made his way to the room and slowly pushed the door. His palm was sweating but he braced himself and walked in.

“What do you mean by the baby has been breached?” Florence yelled at the nurse.

“Calm down ma’am it happens all the time. It simple means your baby’s head is not where it is supposed to be for you to go into Labour”

“Is that why she is late?” Dapo couldn’t help but add. He was worried about Florence and his baby.

Florence looked at him and for a short while they shared a moment. Florence’s heart thundered within her chest as she caught sight of Dapo. Her Dapo. The love of her life, her husband and the father of her unborn child… she quickly looked away and focused on the nurse. She wished she could run into his arms and take him back. oh if it was that simple. She could never trust him again despite the fact she loved him so much how could he cheat on her?

Kaylee and the nurse observed in silence before the nurse spoke up “sir, sometimes the baby comes two weeks early or two weeks late. But your wife will put to bed any moment from now. You all just have to be alert and ready.”

“What about the breach? How can we un-breach the baby?” Dapo asked, taking control of the situation with a calm air. It was one of the many traits he had that Florence fell for. She knew she was hot headed but Dapo was so calm and patient with her.

“We would just give the baby time, in most cases the baby turns to its normal position all by itself.”

“Okay thank you very much” Dapo thanked the nurse, who left the room shortly after.

“Dapo I have missed you so much” Kaylee said as she walked over to give him a warm hug. From over Kaylee’s shoulders, Dapo peered at his wife again and for the second time they shared another moment before Florence busied herself with her maternity blouse.

“I said how are you doing?” Kaylee repeated as she released herself from the embrace “You weren’t listening to me were you?”

“Sorry, I was…” he cleared his throat “Life has been… different” he glanced at his wife who looked away as if what he said did not bother her. “I miss you both” He continued looking directly at Florence.

“Kaylee could you help me off this bed?” Florence asked.

“Sure!” Kaylee left Dapo’s side and went over to help her sister.
Florence stood to her feet and after arranging her cloth she started for the door.

“Baby just hear me out” Dapo said but Florence will not have it.

“Dapo just sign the papers and send it back to me quickly”

“I don’t want a divorce Florence. I love you baby and nothing has changed. I made a mistake but I am still that man you fell in love with and married 6 years ago”

Florence shut her eyes at his words. They cut right through her like a sharp knife but how could she take him back? She tried to leave past the incidence, tried to work it out, but it could not just work. Each time they talked, slept or had sex she kept picturing him with his secretary. It could not work.

“Please Dapo don’t make this any difficult for us”

“Sis please just-”

“Kaylee could you please just help me to the car?” Florence cut her sister off and walked right through the door.

Kaylee followed swiftly behind her after shooting Dapo a sympathetic look. As they approached the door she wanted to see Seun but did not want to keep her sister waiting. She had called him several times but he didn’t pick up.

“Please do you know where doctor Seun is?” Kaylee asked the nurse at the reception.

“Am sorry who?”

“Doctor Seun?” Kaylee repeated the name again.

“Sorry we don’t have any doctor bearing She-hun” the nurse said mispronouncing the name.

“Arrr… okay thank you.” Kaylee said and rushed over to help her sister out the big glass door.

As Kaylee drove her sister home, she could not stop her heart from racing. Maybe she should have had him checked out as her sister advised. She could not believe she fell for a fake doctor. He was probably a con artist oh God!

“What’s bothering you?” Florence asked noticing the look on her sister’s face.

“He was wearing a doctor’s uniform that day. What do they mean by there is no doctor bearing the name Seun.” Kaylee blorted out.

“I am confused!” Florence scrunched her nose at her sister.
Kaylee stole a glance at her sister before focusing on the road again “long story short. I met this guy and sis, he was perfect or so I thought. I wanted to just see him you know and the nurse told me there was no doctor with such name.”

“What is his name?” Florence asked.


Florence snorted “sorry my dear hope you didn’t give him any money? Because if you did I am so sorry for you. A lot of these Nigerians  come here and when they can no longer take care of themselves they look for who they could con or marry to survive.”

Kaylee was disappointed. She could not believe that was Seun “he was so sweet sis and he had this beautiful car”

“Probably stolen and yes they are usually sweet and perfect until they rob you”

“But he doesn’t even look Nigerian. More like half cast. But the Yoruba name just got to me. Like God! we are the same tribe you know?” Kaylee told her sister.

“He must have been watching you and figured once you heard a Yoruba name you would relate with him and he was right apparently you went on two dates with him. Just be smarter next time my dear” Florence advised.

Kaylee focused on her driving and allowed what her sister said sink in. She was a fool again, there was no such thing as prince charming or fairy tale love. Why was her life so doomed? Kaylee was sad but figured she would just have to let him go starting from his number. She had to delete it.

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