DEC 12th


The saturday was bright in london but on the inside, the house was freezing cold. Kaylee decided the cold was too damn much and so she skipped shower and used her mouth wash instead of brushing. She was just going to lazy around the house, probably watch a movie and forget the fact she was deceived.

She started for the door when she remembered she had not prayed that morning, but Kaylee grumbled and flicked her hair at God as if he was physically present in the room with her.

He let me be decieved in the first place and I am the only one making an effort in the house. She thought as she walked out of her room wearing a navy blue thick sweater, ash sweat pants which she tucked into a brown winter sock shoe and a navy blue beanie.
She was determined to spend her day lounging on the couch eating all things sweet and fattening take that doctor Seun or whoever you are .

She had just settled down with a movie and a jar of Nutella when her phone vibrated.
She eyed the caller- ‘Doc’ and mentally slapped herself for not deleting his number last night. She couldn’t bring herself to get rid of him, it was as if he had somehow imprinted in her heart.
The phone vibrated until it cut and started vibrating again. A text came in shortly after and Kaylee quickly read it

*** you are not picking my calls. Are you okay?***

Yeah right I am fine kaylee rolled her eyes and continued watching her film and licking nutella. She had long finished the bread which she took with her but was too lazy to go for the remaining bag in the kitchen. She eyed the bag of bread on the counter in the kitchen greedily and soon found herself going for it like an hypnotised person.

The backlight of her phone came on showing she had 10 missed calls and four text messages from doc but she was not buying any of that. Deep down she felt she should probably confront him about it but decided against that. What if he took her hostage right after the confrontation and demanded for a ransom?

Kaylee bit her lower lip nervously before she licked on another spoon of nutella.
Her phone had stopped ringing and while kaylee watched her movie, she still worried why Seun had just stopped calling.


Kaylee thought she heard her name faintly but since she did not see her sister anywhere, she brushed it off.

“Common Kaylee I am not leaving here till I see you…” she heard followed by the honk of a car.

What? It couldn’t be kaylee struggled to her feet and headed for the window. Lo and behold, there was Seun looking more handsome than ever if that was possible.

“Kaylee I know you are in there! common!” Seun said standing beside his car while he stuck his hand through the window and honked again.

She watched him as he put his phone to his ear and her phone began vibrating on the couch. Kaylee laughed, enjoying the way she was torturing him as she kept licking her nutella.

“I will match in kaylee. ” Seun threaten “Okay please just answer my call, I dont even know what I did wrong. I need to know if you are okay atleast”

She chuckled to herself a part of her melting away at his determination.

“What’s going on?” Kaylee was startled by her sister’s entrance.

“Someone is shouting outside am surprised the cops have not arrived yet. Ow! look! they just arrived” kaylee said with a cheer as she saw the cops’ car approach Seun’s.

Florence walked up to her the same time Seun shouted her name again.
“Wait! Isnt it you he just called?” Florence asked curiously as she peered out the window. “Ow look it is Doctor Delvin. I wonder what he is doing here”

“What did you just call him?” Kaylee snapped her head towards her sister.

“Doctor Delvin? He works hand in hand with Doctor Richards and sometimes fills in for doctor Richards when he is not on sit.” Florence said as she opened the window and waved at Seun.

Kaylee dropped her nutella jar feeling nauseous all of a sudden.
“That is doctor Seun.”

“What? The doctor Seun? The one of yesterday?”

Kaylee shut her eyes and nodded trying to process it all. He was
A doctor after all” Kaylee’s heart leapt for joy at the possibility that he wasn’t a con artist after all.

“So why did he lie to me?” Kaylee asked no one in particular but expected an answer from her sister who was carried away with the doctor and the cops.

” Omg! Whatever made me think the cops coming was a good idea in the first place.” Kaylee said looking worried.

Seun was approached by the cops and after a little discussion and handshakes, one of the cops walked back to the car and pulled out a megaphone.

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