DEC 13th


Church bells were ringing loudly on this sacred day in London.
Kaylee was perched in Seun’s car, eyes shut and head dangling slightly in her light sleep.

Seun had come to pick her up at 5:30am all because the church was quite a distance, and so Kaylee was up much earlier, showering and dressing up in 30mintues.

“But why? Couldn’t we have gone to one of these churches?” Kaylee grumbled, waving her hand at the churches they passed by.

“No because my church is where we are going and these churches are not mine” What Seun didn’t tell Kaylee was that, that was his parent’s church as well.

“Isn’t God everywhere? why must it be your church?”

Seun had simply smiled at her and kept his eyes on the road. Soon after that Kaylee had dozed off leaving Seun to the soft roar of the engine.
They arrived the church exactly 8:00am and as Seun woke kaylee up,  the lovely praise session could be heard from were he parked.

Kaylee observed her environment carefully and realised they were at a Redeem christian church of God parish. She was immediately absorbed into the service with a feeling of nostalgia. She missed home more than she cared to admit.
The service proceeded with a crecendo, from the praise and worship session to sacred hymns, bible reading, testimony and soon it was time for special ministrations.

Kaylee was sitted beside Seun on the second roll to the front of the church. Her legs were crossed as she leaned into him slightly.  Seun was wearing a black armani suit with a navy blue botton down shirt and no tie which complimented the white knee length gown and  black louboutin she wore.

Kaylee watched and listened as a girl who she estimated must have been 13 or 14 years of age climbed up stage and took a sit at the keyboard with a microphone hanging towards her mouth.

“Hi my name is Valerie and I am here to sing one of my favourite songs by Lauren Diagle titled ‘once and for all’. Please open your hearts to God and let the lyrics of the song minister to you”

A couple of people clapped while some others said “awwwn” including Kaylee. Kaylee thought the girl was too cute and couldn’t wait for her to start singing.
Valerie placed her little fingers on the keys and began playing a beautiful intro to the song before she lifted her mouth to the microphone and sang the first part of the song .

God,  I give you all I can today,
The scatttered ashes that I hid away
I lay them all at your feet.
From the corners of my deepest shame
Empty places where I’ve won your name
Show me the love, I say I’ believe
Help me to lay it down
Oh Lord i lay it down…
Oh, let this be where I die
My Lord with thee, crucified
And be lifted high!
As my kingdoms fall
Once and for all…

Kaylee’s eyes immediately misted and she gripped Seun’s arm as goosebumps crawled up her skin. The girl had the most beautiful voice kaylee had ever heard. Her voice was soft, innocent yet thrilling and she sang with such passion as if she was talking to God. Just she and God in the whole church. Kaylee paid attention to the lyrics of the song, each word sinking into her as she pondered on it. She needed to give all of herself to God once and for all.
She had always given a part of herself, read her bible today, completely ignore the bible the next. It was so much easier to read her novels than read her bible. She was scared to give him all! She didn’t want to loose every part of herself to God because she had not truly known him up close. She went to church and knew she could depend on him. She knew better than to go to a ritualist or seek help from the world, but there were still areas of her life she held back.
Watching the young girl sing so passionately for God was something that tripped her and challenged her. At a young age the girl had found something kayleee hadn’t and she was jealous……
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