DEC 14th


“No way!” Kaylee laughed and jumped on the bed before she picked up her glass of juice from the lamp stand. 

“Why not?” Dapo asked.

“Because I just met him?” Kaylee gave Dapo a ‘duh?’ Look.

“Enlighten me on what you mean by ‘Just met him’. I thought it’s been two weeks?”

“Yes but-” kaylee looked at the beautiful ceiling of Dapo’s hotel room and exhaled.

“But?” Dapo pressed when he realised she was not going to say more.

“But I think it is too soon to like this guy this much” she lowered her head and looked at Dapo who was sitting across her on the bed.

He laughed “Kaylee, why do you over think things? In my opinion, I say let yourself enjoy what you have with him. If it doesn’t work out, then you will be back in Nigeria in no time for your NYSC and this would be history.”

“But I want it to work out” kaylee grumbled.

Dapo scratched his head “I am confused really! You are complaining about falling for him too fast and how you are scared,  but at the same time you don’t want it to end?” Dapo huffed “women!”

“Hey! Don’t look at me like that. After all you married a hurricane. No offence to Florence”
Dapo let out a breath.

“Hey!” Kaylee snapped her fingers “I was just joking”

“I know!” Dapo sighed and got of the bed. “Kaylee this few days have not been easy on me” he began pacing.

“I know. It’s telling on you” kaylee placed her glass of juice on the lamp stand and intertwined her fingers on her laps.

“It is?” Dapo asked as he stopped pacing and looked at kaylee. Kaylee thought he looked 10years older.

“Yes I noticed immediately I got here. Have you been sleeping Dapo?”

He let out a frustrated laugh “yes I have.”

“Don’t lie to me. I saw the pills in the bathroom”

“I know…” Dapo settled at the edge of the bed and Kaylee, scotting over,  placed a comforting arm on him.

“You should not be here” Dapo said burying his face in his palms. “I don’t think your sister will like the fact you came to visit me.”

“Please!” Kaylee rolled her eyes. “I love my sister and I love her so much that I know you are the best for her.” Kaylee gripped both his shoulders and squeezed them. “Dapo you are the best thing that has happened to my sister and if anything happens to you, she would be devastated”

Dapo snorted “not anymore Kaylee. Look!” He pointed to the documents on the reading table “divorce papers. I have been unable to sign them”

Kaylee shut her eyes “Then don’t!” She opened her eyes again “You want her, try and fight for her because loosing her will hurt more”

“I think I have lost her already”

Kaylee shot out of the bed and stood in front of Dapo “look at me Dapo!”

When dapo looked up at kaylee, she began ” look at it like the love of God for us. Sometimes, we get mad at God that we don’t talk to him. Worse, we ignore God. We sin and we hurt him but in the end, it is his endless love that keeps us going.”

“So I should play God?” Dapo frowned.

“If you truly love her then let it be unconditional. Let it be endless because that love will draw her back to you the same way God’s love pulls us back to him.”

Dapo thought about what kaylee said it was going to be difficult but he had to try. “How am I suppose to show I love her unconditionally and endlessly, when I cannot even see her?” Dapo questioned.

“Well, we don’t see God physically, but we feel him and see his love all around us” kaylee said with a confident smile.

Dapo mirrored her smile “Hmm! Someone has been reading her bible.”

“I went to church yesterday and yes I read my bible and prayed this morning. It’s a start.”

“Wow! That bad huh?” Dapo teased.

“That Good you mean? It is a wonderful thing Dapo”



Dapo smiled as he got up and filled his glass with wine from a bottle. “That’s good for you.  I cannot remember the last time I did any of that”

“Maybe that’s where the problem is” kaylee said and immediately wondered why she said that.

“Why? I mean, how is that the problem?”

“You both said your vows in front of God and now you have neglected him during the marriage.” Kaylee paused “when was the last time you and Florence actually prayed together or went to church?”

“I don’t know… months? Maybe almost a year?”

“Why did you guys stop?”

Dapo walked back to the bed and sat beside kaylee “work? I don’t know, we just rested on Sundays and later it stuck” Dapo shrugged.

“Try a different approach Dapo. Pray about your marriage, involve God in it… you know what? I just remembered this movie I watched a while back, it’s titled ‘Not easily broken.’  See, the pastor made an illustration that two cords could be broken but three?” Kaylee chuckled. “After removing God from the equation, you and florence became just two cords, which could be easily broken and if you both divorce? It would be terrible, because the two of you will be just…” kaylee trailed off.

Dapo looked at Kaylee with amusement. She just spoke like an elder with so much experience and wisdom.

“Wow! Someone grew fast within two weeks? Is it the doc?” Dapo teased.

“Hey!” Kaylee defended “I am not that bad.”

“Come here.” Dapo said with arms open for an embrace which Kaylee took.

“I should get going. You know Florence is all alone at home.” Kaylee said, once out of the embrace.

“Sure. How did you get out in the first place?” Dapo asked.

“Novels. I told her I needed to buy some.”

Dapo chuckled “You never cease to amazing me kay bear”

“What’s with the bear?” Kaylee rolled her eyes as she gathered her things together.

“Nothing! Thanks for coming Kay. I really appreciate it and I will do what you said, I will pray about it.”

Kaylee nodded and gave Dapo another hug before she exited the hotel room. She walked to the elevator and once it was opened, she pressed the botton for the ground floor.
She thought of her visit and hoped that Dapo and Florence would workout their differences.  She smiled to herself as she remembered all she said.  She did not realise all that wisdom was residing inside her No! It was all God.

The weather was clear when she left the hotel building and looked at the sky. It was a beautiful monday afternoon in London and kaylee was feeling hopeful.

“Thank you God.” She whispered to herself, wrapping a pink scarf around her neck.

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