DEC 15th


She did not mean to be lazy, but Kaylee was lazily lying on the couch in the parlour as she read a new book. She had finished the Ted dekker’ book ‘Red’ and had stopped by a book store to purchase another. Her library was expanding fast and she was delighted. The problem would come when she had to pack them all back to Nigeria, but Kaylee would not bother herself about all that yet. She flipped through her pages careful not to wrinkle the pages, when the loud shriek from her sister startled her.

Kaylee threw her book on the floor and rushed over to her, in hopes that the baby was coming.

“Florence are you okay?” She ran into the kitchen.

“Yes!” Florence frowned “but my food is not.”

Kaylee could not believe her sister screamed over a burnt pot of sauce. “You are unbelievable. ”

“What? It’s my sauce and I worked so hard on it.”

“So? Make another! I was scared! I thought the baby was coming.”

Florence laughed and shook her waist playfully. “Nope! I am fine and this baby is not coming today. ”

“Fine! I am going back to read my book” kaylee said and stomped off. That baby should come out quickly so I could sleep with both eyes closed kaylee thought, as we walked back to her sit and picked up her book which now had a wrinkled page.

Kaylee was heart broken and struggled to smoothen the page back but failed. She tried to ignore the wrinkled page as she read on and flipped it over. Reading some more, kaylee slid down further on the couch to a more comfortable postition that invited sleep and within five minutes, kaylee was dozing.

Florence hummed to a song as she moved swiftly from the stove to the fridge and the cabinet. She was enjoying her time In the kitchen,  all the while thinking nothing could go wrong with this day until she started feeling cramps.

She stopped humming and waited for the feeling, but after a few seconds, she shrugged and continued stirring her sauce.
There was the sharp pain again, this time, Florence dropped her turning spoon on the floor.

“What?” Florence panicked “you choose now to come?” Florence asked the baby, as she maneuvered her way from the stove to the fridge and then to the kitchen  door, using everything as a support.

“Kay!” She shouted out oblivious to the fact that kaylee was asleep.

“KAYLEE!!!! Damn it where is she?” Florence screamed and whimpered.

“Is this labour? It is damn too painful…Kaylee!” Florence panicked, as she saw blood trailing down her legs.

“I will kill you kaylee if you don’t bring yourself here” Florence cried and mistakingly pushed the glass jar that was on the kitchen Island down and it shattered.

That was when Kaylee woke up startled.

“Florence?” Kaylee rubbed her eyes and jumped off the couch.

“OH MY GOD! Florence!” Kaylee shrieked as she saw Florence bledding on their floor.
She was frantic “what do I do?WHAT SHOULD I DO?” Kaylee screamed as Florence keep hyperventilating.

Kaylee rushed to get her phone and literally toppled the couch in search for her phone until she saw it on the side glass stool. She grabbed it and rushed back to her sister, kneeling as she punched the hospital number.
Immediately, a lady picked and Kaylee quickly explained everything.  The woman promised that an ambulance would be sent as soon as possible.

“Florence stay with me.. don’t you dare fall as sleep!” Kaylee commanded and her voice was surprisingly strong despite the tears that had gathered.

“Florence please…” she begged, the tears falling freely “hang on I will call Dapo, please just hang on”

She dialed his number quickly and immediately he picked,  kaylee could not speak.


“Da-Dapo” kaylee wimpered.

“What’s wrong?  Is Florence okay?”
Kaylee looked at Florence who was lying unconsciously before her in blood.

“No! She is just lying so still here. Dapo please hurry.”

“Okay just hang on, I am on my way over.” Dapo said and hung up.

Kaylee held jer sister’s hand and cried some more “please God. Please save her. ”

Her beautiful lazy day had turned Into a dark gloomy one in thirty minutes and Kaylee was scared about what the rest of the day had for her.



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