DEC 16th


Kaylee was sitting on the floor of Florence private ward. She had not dozed even once since the afternoon of the incident, because she was so scared she would sleep off and something terrible would happen again. She looked at Dapo, who was still holding to one of  Florence’s hand as she slept peacefully and frowned, as memories of the previous day came back to her.

They had rushed into the hospital following the stretcher that carried Florence, Kaylee was crying profusely and Dapo? He looked like he was about to die.

What happened exactly? He asked Kaylee when they were stopped from going any further.

“I-I don’t know” Kaylee stammered. “I was sleeping in the sitting room, when I heard glass shattering and ran to find Florence on the floor bledding.

“Damn it Kaylee.  You were sleeping?” Dapo boomed and punched the wall near by.

“What? I am not allowed to sleep again?” Kaylee scrowled through her teary lashes.

“I trusted you to take good care of her and look where we are? ”

“Are you blaming me?” Kaylee said pointing to her chest. She could not believe Dapo could accuse her like that. “I understand you are not in a good state but Florence is my immediate elder sister and I love her with all my heart” Kaylee said and her voice shook.

Dapo looked at her “You should have loved her more. God I wish I was there!”

Kaylee had looked at him with menace and had run out of the hospital to breath.
Now as she sat on the floor of the hospital, she still glared at the back of his head. How dare him tell her she did not love her sister enough? Even when the doctor said Florence would be fine for now as they ran more tests, he had not apologised to her, rather he acted like she wasn’t in the hospital.

Kaylee buried her head in her hands and shut her eyes in order to rest them, when a warm hand wrapped around her shoulder. She immediately looked up to see Seun crouched down beside her.

“Are you okay? He whispered.

Kaylee smiled at him and he smiled back at her.

“I am sorry I have not really been there, there was an accident uptown and we have more patients to attend to” He explained and kaylee stopped him.

“Seun, you don’t have to explain to me and you have been here for me. You didnt even go home last night. That is more than I could ask for okay? Thank you.”

Seun smiled and cupped her cheeks and Kaylee leaned into his palm.

“Would you like something to eat? A cup of coffee,  tea maybe? Sandwiches? Or-”

Kaylee wanted to stop him again but a nurse beat her to it. “Doctor Delvin your attention is needed.”

Seun looked at her and opened his mouth to say something, but closed it and got to his feet “I will see you as soon as I can.” He said and turned to leave.

“Here, take my office key if you need to sleep for a while” He said and handed kaylee a key attached to a key holder that was round with ‘Global’ inscribed on it .
She wanted to protest, but he didn’t let her as he rushed out of the ward.

Kaylee looked back at Dapo, who was watching her and Seun all the while. He gave her a warm smile, before he focused on Florence again. Kaylee rolled her eyes and wanted to hit his head with Seun’s key when Doctor Richard entered. He was suspicious of kaylee who gently dropped her hand and smiled timidly.

“That bad huh?” He asked her, having witnessed one of their many quarrels yesterday.

“What is bad?” Dapo asked the doctor, who opened his mouth to say something but closed it when Kaylee shook her head at him.

“Okay, let me just pass this information across” Dr Richards said and both Dapo and Kaylee got to their feet.

“I have Mrs Florence’s results here.” The doctor cleared his throat.

“What is wrong with her?” Dapo asked.

“Preterm labor. She is just having painful contractions. The symptoms are usually diarrhoea, regular painful contractions, leaking of fluid from the vagina, or vaginal bleeding. That explains why she was bledding earlier.”

“But why is she having preterm labor, when she is actually due to put to bed. Shouldn’t she be in ‘real labour’?” Dapo asked.

“Baffles me as well.  This baby is not ready to come yet and it happens, rarely though, but she would be fine. We would keep her for a few more day, for observations and then she can go home. I have prescribed magnesium sulfate and  some antibiotics for her, which would help stop the preterm labour and help the baby as well.”

“Thank you very much” Dapo thanked the doctor and kaylee just threw her arms around him.

“Thank you for taking care of my sister.” Kaylee whispered and Doctor Richards who was surprised by the hug, quickly regained consciousness and chuckled.

The doctor informed them that a nurse would come by later when Florence was up, to give her her medications before he left.
Kaylee let out a breath she did not know she was holding and started out of the door maybe it is time for that nap Seun suggested she thought but Dapo stopped her.

“I am really sorry kaylee” he scratched his head “it was very wrong of me to accuse you like that. I know you love your sister so much. I- I was just so worried and confused…” he paused “is there anyway I could make it up to you?”

Kaylee studied him carefully and thought of making him pay dearly, but realised everything that happened was just because of the tension they all felt.  She too, had shouted at Seun who was only trying to help out yesterday.

“It’s okay I understand.” she said and turned around to leave.

“So you forgive me?” He asked shyly.

Kaylee smiled at him “Sure! But you owe me big time” she said with a smirk.

“Anything!” Dapo assured her “anything at all. I don’t want this to hang between us.”

Kaylee walked back to Dapo and hugged him “Ow! I know and I am going to exploit you big time” she said still hugging him. She broke off the hug and started walking out of the ward. “Love you bro” she called back and Dapo chuckled.

“Love you too sis”

Hello, I was suppose to post two chapters today but I am too tired to write another. Stressful day shopping for the holidays, so please forgive my errors (if any). I really tried to edit it well. I hope you are feeling the christmas? I know I am. I decorated our house today and the makeshift christmas tree. Like I told my dad “it is not about the tree, it is about the spirit of Christmas” hahahah!

Enjoy your evening.




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