DEC 17th


She took a deep breath and released it. Looking down at the cardigan she wore, white with a pink cat knitted to the front of it, Kaylee tugged at the hem. She was wearing her favourite blue jean and black boots with a cup of healthy green tea in her hand.
She stared at the door of her sister’s ward and lifted her hands to knock but clutched it back.

Why were her palms sweating in this cold and why was she nervous? Kaylee thought.  Maybe because she was not in the hospital when Florence woke up or because she was wearing Florence cardigan.
Kaylee giggled to herself as she gripped the handle of the door and pushed it.

“Good morning, I brought tea for the best sister in the whole world” kaylee said cheerfully.

“My cardigan! ” Florence sheirked. “And is that tea on it?”

Kaylee looked down and saw a stain across the cardigan “ow ow! I swear I did not see that earlier.” Kaylee said honestly and started running her hands over the stain.

“Ow no! Don’t worsen it!” Florence screamed. “Dapo you see this girl?”

Dapo chuckled and kaylee dropped her hands to her side. The storm was over, so she could breath freely. She smiled at her sister.
“Now that it is stained, I know you wouldn’t want to take it back.”

“In your dreams.” Florence rolled her eyes. “I will take it to the dry cleaners”

Kaylee pouted, before she walked over to the bed and sat beside her sister. “I am so happy to see you are much better.”

“Yeah me too.” Florence smiled.

“So..” kaylee began, as she took a sip from the cup of tea.

“Isn’t that my cup of tea?” Florence cut her off and signaled for her to give it back.

Kaylee opened her mouth to argue before she just handed it over to her sister.

The door creaked open and everyone turned to see Seun at the door.

“Dr Delvin!” Dapo stood and  walked over to shake Seun.

“How are you doing?” He asked Florence.

“Better. I could go home now infact” Florence said cheerfully.

Seun laughed “yes but we need you to stay back for observation.”
He looked at Kaylee and walked over to her sitting on the bed.

“So do you need to examine me?” Florence asked.

“No, actually I am not here as a doctor.” He said and took Kaylee’s hand in his. 

“So what are you here for?” Kaylee asked.

“To tell you that, my mum has requested for you to be present at dinner on saturday.”

“Saturday?” Kaylee opened her eyes and sucked in air nervously.

“And-” Dapo continued “formally ask you both” he said looking at Dapo and Florence “to take Kaylee for dinner on saturday.”

Why was he asking?  Kaylee Thought.

“Sure!” Dapo and Florence said together.

“Great! In that case, I have to get back to work.” He said and started for the door.  “I will see you at lunch sweetheart” he winked at Kaylee and shut the door.

“The doctor huh?” Florence winked at Kaylee and she blushed.

“Oh no! Please don’t start Florence” kaylee pleaded, knowing her sister would never drop the topic.

Florence laughed and Dapo cleared his throat.
Kaylee looked at Dapo and figured he wanted to talk to Florence.

“Errmm… wow! Look at the time! I have to ermm…” she got off the bed and headed for the door. “To.. well, look for what to wear on Saturday you know.” She stopped and looked at her sister again. “Can I err… like borrow an evening dress from you?”

“No! Don’t you dare go near my wardrobe” Florence glared at her sister who laughed.

“Sure sis” Kaylee said, knowing that she was going to pick a cloth from her sister’s wardrobe.

Once the door was shut and Dapo was left with Florence,  Dapo reached for her hand but she moved it out if his reach.


“Dapo please” Florence stopped him. “I know you have tried but Dapo…” Florence looked up at the ceiling and when she looked back at Dapo, her eyes had clouded with tears.
“But I can’t do this again” she waved at both of them. “I can’t trust you again, so what is the point staying married?”

“Baby please, I am not ready to let you go. I am not going to give up. Please don’t do this to me… to us.” Dapo pleaded and tried to reach for her hand again but Florence moved out of his touch.

“Please Dapo just sign the papers.”

“But I don’t want a divorce!” Dapo shouted and got to his feet.
“I want to make our marriage work Florence! We can make it work. Listen to me sweety” he sat down on the bed and took her hand in his, before florence got the chance to pull away.

“Kaylee told me something and I think it is true. We let God slip and so our marriage went down the drain too. If we could work together,  pray and invite God back into our marriage, he would mend it”

Florence looked at her husband hopefully but just for a second. “No Dapo! I am done trying.”

“But if we could-”

“Please leave.” Florence whispered and it melted Dapo. He let go of her hand and got to his feet.

“I am not going to give up on us Florence, just know that” He said, before he walked out and left Florence to her thoughts.



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