DEC 18th

The day was much warmer than kaylee expected. She struggled to open the door with her keys, while holding her coat, bag, Florence’s bag of dirty clothes and an empty food warmer. Seun had just dropped her off from the hospital, where she had taken food to Florence.  She had talked and laughed with her sister, until she had brought up Dapo and the whole day took a different turn. Kaylee dropped her bag, coat and keys on the couch, while she took the warmer to the kitchen for washing.

She returned to the sitting room and crumbled on the couch, grabbing the remote control and scrolling through the channels. She stumbled on African magic and was immediately reminded of her mother, who she missed more than she cared to admit.

She tried to ignore the nudge she had to call her mum after three weeks, by watching a movie.  “Mean girls 2” was showing and despite how ridiculous she thought the film was, she kept at it for fourty five min.

“Okay fine I will call” kaylee said out to no one.
She padded over to where her phone was and grabbed it. She scanned her contact list for her mum’s number and stalled before she dailed it.

She might be sleeping kaylee thought before her mum picked the call.


“Funmilola” her mother called her by her yoruba name.


“You do not want to talk to me?” Her mother coughed and kaylee immediately got worried. “You called your daddy but you have completely refused to talk to me.”

“Mum how is your health? Are you okay? You just coughed.”

“It is nothing that cannot be treated easily.” Her mum said and Kaylee remembered her mum’s pretty and soft face.

“Are you sure?” Kaylee pressed.

“Oh! So, Now you are concerned about me”

“Mum you know I love you.”

“If you love me you would listen to me. See, my friend’s son even came to the house and brought a gift basket for your dad and I”

“I hope you did not collect it” kaylee warned.

“Of course I did” her mum  laughed softly. “He is just starting his responsibilities as  my future son-inlaw”

“Okay I hope you have another daughter to give him because it would not  be me mum” kaylee said getting really angry.

“Just give him a chance!” Her mum encouraged and kaylee started feeling nauseous.

“Mum I met a man here” kaylee blorted out and wondered why she did. Maybe because she wanted her mum to drop the idea, or maybe because she wanted to prove that she was now an adult, she wasn’t sure which.

“Funmi, be careful. All these men”

“Mum, I hope everyone is fine. I will talk to you later. ” she said rubbing her forehead.  She could feel a headache coming.

“I will be coming to London next week”

“What? Mum! Why?”

“What do you mean by why? Your sister will put to bed any time and she will need her mum” Kaylee’s mum said and coughed again.

“No mum, don’t you think you should wait till she actually puts to bed first? ” Kaylee said, in attempt to dissuade her mum.

“Dont be silly, I have everything sorted. I am coming next week.” Her mum said with a final tone.

“Okay mum, say hi to dad.”

“I Love you my daughter”

“Yeah, love you to mum” Kaylee murmured and ended the call.

She felt woozy, and quickly balanced herself with one of the dinning chair. She wanted to sit down when the nausea hit her again with full force and Kaylee ran to the toilet and threw up everything she had eaten.
She crouched on the floor of the toilet and placed the back of her palm on her forehead. She was running a temperature but there was no way she was going to be sick.
Kaylee tried to get up but crouched down and threw up again.

Ow ow! Kaylee thought she was sick.



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