DEC 19th


It was 2pm sharp, as Seun parked his car beside Kaylee’s apartment.  It was Saturday and it was his day off from the hospital, which was very convenient for him to take Kaylee for dinner.
Dinners with his parents were so much fun and Seun was certain today was not going to be any different.  If it was any different,  he was sure it would be better.

He pulled out his phone from his dress pant and dailed Kaylee. He had called her several times to no avail. Maybe she would pick this time he thought, as he found his way to the apartment.

“Hello?” Seun called out, as he opened the front door.

“Kaylee…” he took few steps in, unsure if he should just stay out and keep calling Kaylee.

The dialed her number for the 100th time and it started ringing in the sitting room. Seun followed the ring tone till he found her phone on the dinning table.

“Kaylee?” He called out again, scanning the sitting room only to see her coat, hand bag and keys.

“What the-  Kaylee!” Seun looked around, before he decided to go upstairs.  He scanned everywhere cautiously, until he arrived at the corridor where the bedrooms were.

“Kay-” Seun began but stopped when he saw  kaylee  sprawled on her bed with a thick blanket over her.

“Kaylee are you okay?” Seun walked up to her, as Kaylee lifted her weary eyes at him.
Seun sat beside her on the bed and checked her temperature.

“Oh my God you are burning up.” He quickly pulled off the blanket from her and rushed into her en suite bathroom, to get a bowl of water and a small towel he saw hanging on a rack.
He sat down beside her again and used the wet towel to wipe her face, neck and bare arms.

Kaylee smiled weakly at him. “I am so sorry I am not dressed, just give me a few minutes” she said and tried to get up.

“Don’t be silly”  Seun held her down on the bed. “You are not going anywhere but the hospital.

Kaylee cringed at the word Hospital.  She hated going there and considering the fact she had slept there a few nights ago, she was not interested in going back there especially as a patient.

“But your mum…” she whispered “the dinner!  She would be disappointed”

Seun looked at Kaylee affectionately. He was astounded. How could she worry about his mum being disappointed, when she was sick?

“My mum would understand” Seun said confidently. He pulled out his phone again and dailed his mum. “Hello…” he paused.

“Yes…” another pause “yes! Mum, I am fine.” He looked down at Kaylee “No we cannot make it for the dinner.  I am sorry Kaylee is ill.” Another pause ” not yet, I will take her to the hospital, but my guess would be fever. He scrunched his nose and smile at Kaylee ” no mum, you don’t have to. Yes mum. Love you too” he sighed and cut the call.

“She hates me right? ” Kaylee whispered.

“Far from it. She wanted to come by”

“What?” Kaylee would have screamed if she wasn’t so weak.

“Yes but I dissuaded her. Okay let me take you to the hospital” Seun said, helping kaylee to a sitting position.

“Do I have to shower first?” She asked and he chuckled.

“You are silly to think of that. Although it would give you a little strength but am sure when we get back you would want to have a shower then”

Kaylee nodded as she struggled out of bed still in her outfit from the day before.

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Thank you to everyone who has been following this story.  I really appreciate.



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