DEC 20th


She had only been in the hospital for barely 24 hours, but Kaylee was desperate to leave.

“When can I leave?” She asked Dr Richards for the 20th time and he was about to pull his blond hair out.

Seun eyed Kaylee “Keep quiet” he hushed her but in a calm tone.

“But I want to leave…” she whined and threw her legs under the light blue covers the hospital provided.

Seun pinched her on her left arm ” If you Don’t stop whining, I will have to punish you.” He whispered to kaylee, while maintaining eye contact with Doctor Richards the senior doctor.  No matter how close Seun was with Doctor Richards, he was guarded around the man. After all this was his office- the hospital and Doctor Richards was his “boss””

“Hmm! What punishment do you have in mind?” Kaylee asked with a smirk and despite how Seun had ‘changed’, he could not help some certain thoughts from flying into his mind. He sulked in air and stilled himself. Kaylee observed this behaviour, but decided to keep her observations to herself.

“…So if there is someone to watch you closely, then you are free to go.” Dr Richards finished his statement and it dawned on Kaylee and Seun that, he had been talking all the while.

“So I can be discharged today?” Kaylee picked up.
Dr Richards frowned at her for her absent mindedness “please explain to your girlfriend here everything I just said” Dr Richards told Seun and started for the door.

“Ow before I forget” he stopped and frowned when he saw Seun pulling at Kaylee’s cheeks playfully. When they realised he saw them, they both lowered their heads shyily, like two high school teenagers.  “Your sister will be discharged today as well, so I am sure that is good news for you”

“Yes it is thank you Doc!” Kaylee said with a big smile. The doctor nodded and left shortly after.

“Oh Boy!” Seun sighed.

“What’s wrong? ” Kaylee asked.

“Well, I am sure Dr Richards must think I am an unserious Doctor or a love struck teenager.”

“We all know you are not unserious, so it must be love struck.” Kaylee smiled at him cheekily. “Are you love-Struck?”

Seun panicked at the corner Kaylee had him in. Not that he doubted he had strong feelings for her, but he was scared that if he told her, she might get scared or even worse friend-zone him. He had never been friend-zoned in his life. Worse, he had never been scared of being friend-zoned. What was he thinking?

He leaned into Kaylee and kissed her cheek softly, before he winked at her and headed for the door. “See you in half an hour sweetheart” he said. Yep!  Kaylee did bring out another side of him. Whenever he was around her, he was many things at the same time. He was a love struck boy again, he was alive, he was himself, he was not cautious, he was… he was love struck! Oh yes he was!


“Home sweet home!” Kaylee and Florence said together and both Dapo and Seun laughed.

Kaylee had rode back from the hospital with Seun, while Florence rode with Dapo in his Car. Kaylee was very happy but curious to see both of them together at the hospital, but she kept her questions to herself.

“I need a shower!” Kaylee announced and headed for the stairs.

Florence would have climbed up the stairs with the same energy Kaylee had, if she wasn’t so heavily pregnant.  She started for the stairs like an extra slow snail and Dapo rushed to her side to help her up the stairs. Regardless of how she felt towards Dapo, a blend of love and anger,  she did not swat his hands because of Seun and the obvious fact that she really needed help up the stairs.  Whoever thought pregnancy was a walk in the park must have not been pregnant.

Entering their bedroom with her husband, proved to be more difficult than Florence imagined. So many special memories they shared in this room and like sensing her thoughts, Dapo spoke up “So many memories here” he sighed “I wish we could work this out Florence”

Florence shut her eyes, she really missed her husband and she missed his touch.

Dapo walked up to her and placed his hands on both her shoulders “Florence please…”

There was something about the way he pleaded her name that made Florence melt, coupled with his touch she craved. She shut her eyes again and relished in the moment for a second before she blamed her actions on hormones.

Stepping away, Florence walked over to her Walk-in closet and tried to distract herself from her husband.

“I have been praying for us Florence and I believe God will answer. Please just give me another chance to love you completely. ” Dapo pleaded. Florence could feel her resolve breaking but would not admit it.

“Dapo I am exhausted and this is the last thing I want to talk about now.” She stepped away from the closet with a gown that was made from a beautiful Ankara material she really loved from Nigeria.

“Okay I will just go. I guess you need time and rest.” Dapo shrugged, before striding towards the bedroom door.

“You can stay over” Florence called after him.

“Wh-what? Really? Like move back in?” Dapo asked unsure of what Florence just said.

“Yes but you will have to stay In the guest room I guess?”

“What about kaylee?”

“I will talk to her about moving in here to stay with me” Florence said before she entered the bathroom and shut the door.

Dapo was shocked but so happy. He stood, trapped in the shock for a few seconds,  before he looked up and pointed to heaven.  “Thank you Jesus.”


Kaylee was more than happy to vacate the room for Dapo when Florence informed her in the kitchen.

“Will it be of any bother?” Florence asked.

“Not at all. Yes I will have to move my stuffs to your room but hey! I love Dapo and it is his house.”

Florence smiled at her sister and watched as she prepared chicken sandwiches for brunch.

“Where is Dapo by the way?” Kaylee asked as she divided one of the stuffed sandwich diagonally, so it gave a perfect triangular shaped.

“He went to get his things from the hotel”

“Ow okay! ”

“Did you ever go to see Dapo in the hotel?” Florence asked and kaylee stopped with the knife suspended in the air by her hand.

“Why are you so curious ? I thought you wanted a divorce? If you ask me, I will say you are concerned about Dapo”
Kaylee said in order to get more information and to avoid Florence’s Question.

“I still want a divorce, because I have not forgotten him just yet”

“So you will forgive him.” Kaylee pressed.

“No! I dont know! And don’t you dare avoid my question.  Did you visit Dapo In his hotel room?”

Kaylee was silent and after what seemed like five minutes, she murmured a “yes”

“What? When? Why Didn’t you tell me?” She attacked Kaylee with questions.

“Hey! Easy with the questions.  Last week and I am not answering anymore. If you want answers, ask your husband.”

“He is no more my husband” Florence defended.

“Not yet! Till the divorce is final right? As long as I am concerned he is, so sulk it up” Kaylee said with a frown which she quickly replaced with a smile, as she turned to leave with a tray of Carefully placed sandwiches.

Back In the sitting room, Kaylee placed the tray of sandwiches beside the jug of freshly queezed lemonade she and put earlier and settled beside Seun. Florence soon entered the sitting room and took a sit beside Kaylee.

“Lets get this game started” Florence said happily as she opened the pack of monopoly and started setting the game out.

By the end of the day, with an empty tray and empty jug, they had played a total of 12 games most of which Florence won.  Dapo had arrived hours ago and had watched them play for a while before he excused himself to go to the room.

“This is the first time in a long while that I have missed sunday service” Dapo announced as he rose to his feet.

“awwn it’s my fault” Kaylee said following him.

“Naaa! I actually had a lot of fun and those sandwiches were the best I have ever tasted” Seun complimented and Kaylee beamed.

“Thank you for having me” Seun shook Florence’s hand, before he headed for the door.

Kaylee walked him to the door and they share a warm hug before he left.

“That doctor is something! ” Florence laughed.

“You like him?” kaylee asked hopefully.

“Are you kidding me? I love him”

Kaylee smiled from eye to ear.  “Really?”

“Yes, and he really likes you. I saw how he was looking at you, all through the day,  like some one who found gold.”

“Well, if I am his gold, then he is my diamond” kaylee blurted out unable to keep the giddy feeling in.

“You really like him huh?” Florence smiled warmly.

“I like him a whole lot! I think I am falling for him. He is such a gentleman, he makes me laugh and when I am with him, I loose track of time… it is just Seun and I and… I don’t know… I really like him” Kaylee expressed only a fraction of what she was really feeling. Florence beamed. She understood the way Kaylee was feeling. That was the same way she felt for Dapo and the same way she still feels around him. She thought she could live through the divorce but she discovered, she couldn’t live through her stay in the hospital without him. Somehow, he made her stay… enjoyable. By bringing food, her blanket, water, green tea, and fruits. She was grateful but she wasn’t sure if she was ready to live past his cheating. She only had to watch and see.

“I am going in Kaylee said heading for the stairs. “You coming?”

“Yes just go on, I will be up soon” Florence said as she walked over to turn off the lights and turn on the security.
She glanced around to make sure the house was in order before she headed upstairs.  Florence passed by the guest room where Dapo was now staying and put her ears to the door. She could hear him praying desperately and for the 10 minutes she stood there, she was able to hear him pray for fogiveness from God, for grace to hold on, for God to help restore their marriage and most especially,  she heard him pray for her.  The words he used and  the passion he used in praying for her was deep and could only be out of a loving heart.  Florence felt the heaviness in her chest and soon felt tears running down her cheeks.
She backed away from, the door and went into her room. Kaylee was already fast asleep, taking the right side of the bed which left Florence to take the left.
Florence climbed into bed and settled on her side which she had become so use to over the past 9 months. She stared at nothing in particular in the lowly lit room. She couldn’t help but think over and over, the beautiful words Seun used in praying for her.
She all of a sudden felt bad and wondered what she too could do.

In the dark room, Florence lifted her eyes to the ceilings and did what she had avoided for a long time. She prayed.



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