DEC 21st


It was a new work week, but Seun felt everything but new. He felt exhausted and disoriented! He gulped the last of his four cups of coffee and still he felt drained. He wanted so desperately to be back in his room probably sleeping, but he had work. He glanced at his wristwatch and literally groaned to see that, he had about eight hours left at work.

“Hello” -Seun greeted a colleague, as he walked back to his office,
Just down the corridor of the hospital. He unlocked his door and walked towards his table, before he slumped on it and buried his face in his hands.

He thought  over the events of the weekend and the possible events for the week. He had to return his mother’s calls from yesterday and plan an eventful Christmas date for Kaylee. Seun reached for his phone, when he heard a tap on his door before the door creaked open.

“Doctor Delvin” a female’s voice called,  before he saw her face.

“Ow! Nurse Tessa how can I help you?”

“Err..” she entered his office and shut the door behind her nervously.  “I -I just… I…” she stammered nervously.

“You what?” Seun asked trying to be patient and nice to her.

Her eyes darted to the two chairs in front of his desk and asked “may I?”

“Yeah sure. Have a sit.”

She walked slowly, till she got to one of the sits and sat down facing Seun.

“So…?” Seun asked her. “What can I do for you?

“Well, today is my last day here.” She paused “so I wanted to…”

“Really? Wow! Why? Where are you going to? Seun cut her off.

She giggled “well, I just want to take time off to stay with my father. He is really old and I am the only one in London,  who can be of help.”

“Oh I see” Seun smiled at her ” So You wanted to what?”

“I want to give you this.” She bent down and retrieved something from a bag he didn’t even notice her come in with.
She stretched out her hand and handed Seun a wrapped gift.
He contemplated for a few seconds before he collected the gift from her.

“Wow! Thanks, what is in it?” Seun asked,  as he tried to open the gift.

“No! Please don’t open it now” she pleaded. “I would rather you open it much later.

“Okay?” Seun was confused, as he placed the gift on his table.

“Merry Christmas” She said shyly.

“Thank you, I wish you same Tessa. Wow! I didn’t know we were exchanging gifts. I would have gotten something in return.” Seun said out of courtesy.

She waved him off with a laugh.  “Delvin” she began and Seun was baffled, why she would call him by his name without his title. “I have always wanted to be friends with you, but you were always too busy and I don’t blame you,  this is a hospital after all.” She gave a small laugh.

“Okay?” Seun offered her a sweet smile.

“You know, I just wanted to get it off my chest before I left you know, I really like you Doctor Delvin and I like the way you laugh with everyone, patients and nurses… Everyone! ”

“Thank you for your kind words”

She smiled at him “I really like you Delvin”

“Yes I think you have said that before” Seun tightened his face and folded his hands on his table.

“Yes, but I was scared that working in the same place could pose as an obstacle. So now that I am leaving, I thought…” she said and got to her feet. She walked slowly and rounded the table, till she was facing Seun. “I thought we could have a chance together.”


Kaylee was feeling much better, she didn’t even want to take her drugs.

“Kaylee…” Florence warned “have you taken your medications?”

“No… I feel much better. I swear!” Kaylee whined.

“No! Kaylee you must!”

“Fine! Where are the drugs?” Kaylee inquired.

“On the dining table” Florence directed her and returned back to the apples she was slicing in the kitchen.

“I can’t find it!” Kaylee shouted from the dinning.

“Check properly”

“I have, it’s not here. Are you sure you brought it back home? ” kaylee called out.

“Yes of course , I collected it from the nurs-” Florence stopped her cutting, as soon as she relialized she had not taken the drugs with her. “Kaylee I am sorry, I don’t think I brought it home.”

“Florence…” Kaylee mumured.

“I am sorry, you can take my car and go pick it up okay?”

Kaylee contemplated it for a few seconds. She wasn’t doing anything In the house, it would be nice to go for a drive and she could see Seun at the hospital. The thought of seeing Seun made her excited.

“Alright I will go, where is your car key?”


“Tessa…” Seun breathed. He was not sure what was happening.  Okay, maybe he knew what was happening, but he was still dazed that a nurse in this hospital will do such.

She maintained eye contact with him as she slowly made her way to him, bunched up her skirt and parted his legs, so she was standing in between his legs.

“Tessa you have to stop what you are doing and leave” Seun said but felt his strong will dying.

“I have always wanted this Delvin…” she purred placing both her hands on his shoulders.
There was something about the way she called his name that made Delvin very nervous. He could feel sweat break out of his forehead and he swallowed a lump that had formed in his throat.

He should tell her off  He thought. He should get up and leave right now but somehow, Seun remained glued to his sit, as he watched Tessa. He had not really noticed her till today and now that he did, she was very pleasant to the eye.

No! He was no longer this person. He had changed  he thought, as Tessa leaned into him and brushed her lips against his. He thought about Kaylee and that made him bolder “Stop this Tessa!” He murmured, his voice sounding stronger than before. He did not want to shrug her off harshly, so he decided to talk her out of it but she was not listening to him. Joseph! Remember Joseph in the bible  his conscience told him. She wrapped her hands around his neck and settled on his lap this time, forcing a kiss on him again and that was when the door opened and Kaylee walked in.

“Kaylee!” Seun exclaimed and threw tessa off him.

Kaylee frowned at the scene before her and wanted to scream, cry and thrash around, but she thought otherwise and turned around to leave.

“Kaylee! Kay! Please come back!” Seun called, as he ran after Kaylee down the corridor to the reception.

“I am sorry, I barged in on you like that.  I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought I should surprise you but now, I wish I called”

“DAMN IT!!” Kaylee don’t apologise. Hear me out! it is really not what you think. Let me explain!”

“You don’t need to explain to me Seun! It’s not like we are dating” she let out a pained laugh. “Goodbye Seun.”

Seun wanted to shout and force her to listen to him, but he was at the reception of the hospital and most especially he was on call. People were already looking at them and he did not want to create a bigger scene.
There was something about the way Kaylee said ‘Goodbye’ with a sense of finality, that had Seun agitated.  He was scared about her finding out about his past but now, it seemed as if his past found her.  Why didn’t he push Tessa out since? Seun wondered now. He had lost Kaylee.  Just the mere thought of Loosing her crushed Seun so bad. Three weeks was a short period of time but Seun could not imagine a day going by without talking to her or a life without Kaylee. He was not going to loose her! Maybe it was high time he told her about who he was and who exactly Delvin was. But first, he had to get her to listen.


Kaylee rushed into the car with tears clouding the her eyes. She had wanted to cry immediately she ran into his office and saw a nurse on his laps kissing him.
She had managed to stay calm and talk to him but deep down, she was crumbling.  Why was these always happening to her?
Kaylee wiped her eye and ignited the engine of her sister’s car.

She was hurt that, seeing Seun and the nurse together hurt her so much. Why did she feel so betrayed?
Except- No it couldn’t be!  Except she was falling in love with him.

I should have posted this yesterday, but I had a very serious writer’s block. Infact, I wonder how some authors write up to 100 chapters… Writing is hard!!!! But I love it. If you enjoyed this chapter, please like and leave a comment.

Count down to Christmas and my birthday- 3 days to go! Yippy!



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