DEC 22nd


She was in a numb state.

Kaylee laid on the bed she now shared with her sister and watched her phone ring until it stopped, only to start again. Seun had called her non-stop since she walked out of the hospital, the afternoon of the previous day.
She had made sure she did not look like she was crying, because somehow, her common sense told her she did not need to let her sister know of this incidence.
Florence was at the edge of divorce, because her husband cheated. She did not want to tell her sister that, she caught Seun with a nurse. The mere thought of it haunted Kaylee all night, that she could not sleep. She had lied to Florence that the fever was back and made sure she took her medications to stall further questioning.
Another text measage came in from Seun and Kaylee could only ignore it for five minutes.  She unlocked her phone and read the text.

****Kaylee please I need to talk to you. Please give me an opportunity to explain everything to you. Please!****

She wanted to give him that opportunity to explain but, what was there to explain in what she saw? It was vivid enough.

She rolled on her side and looked outside the window. To think he cared for her. Staying with her in the hospital, talking with her,  laughing with her, calling her everyday, having lunch together, making her fall for him… Arrrg! Why did he have to be so Handsome and charming and…No! I can’t!  Kaylee snapped out of her thoughts and decided to think of something else.  Something like how Dapo has really changed.

Kaylee got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen, where Florence and Dapo were having breakfast quietly.

“Morning” she murmured to both of them

“Morning kay” they replied awkwardly.
Kaylee smirked at them and took her place at the table watching their akwardness play out. It was more entertaining than her pathetic life.

“Could you pass me the sugar?” Florence murmured and Dapo hurriedly passed it.

Kaylee rolled her eyes at them but kept shut.

“Did you sleep well?” Dapo asked and Florence nodded in response.

“Ow and I slept well too thanks for asking.” Kaylee said sarcastically, and Florence laughed.

“How is the doctor? ” Dapo joked with Kaylee, in order to compensate for not asking about her night.

Kaylee tensed at the mention of ‘Doctor’ but maintained her cool. “Fine!”

“What’s wrong?  Trouble in paradise?” Dapo leaned in interestedly.

“No! Why would you think so?”

“I don’t know, you look off and you are not yourself.”

“Nothing is wrong” Kaylee said and got up to leave.

She couldn’t take it anymore! Maybe this was a sign after all, to settle for that guy that has her mum’s heart. The fact she was considering it hurt her and she wasn’t sure which one hurt more. Settling for the guy or letting Seun go?  She sighed and went back upstairs. Maybe she should go to Canada to see Claire and her children Kaylee thought.


Night had approached in London, as Seun made his way down the street. He had his beats headphones on and listened to his favourite playlist. He couldn’t help but smile, whenever a song came on that Kaylee had sang in his car.

Kaylee.. he couldn’t get her off his mind. He had called her non-stop but she wasn’t picking.  He thought about going to her house, probably causing another scene, but thought against it. She was angry with him, he could see it in her eyes no matter what she had told him.

Seun tucked his hands in the front pocket of his jean and nodded his head soflty to the song that was playing. He figured he could while away time by taking a stroll and that was what he was doing till something caught his eyes.

He walked into the Jewellery shop and took a walk around it, but  none struck him like the one he first saw. He found it quickly and admired it. It was a beautiful necklace, with a rose pendant that was embedded with diamonds on every petal.

“Good evening sir,  may I help you with something?” An attendant asked him. She was a young lady, petite with brown big eyes that reminded him of Kaylee. Everything reminded him of Kaylee.

“Yes I like this, can I get something with this design?”


“It’s for my girlfriend” he added quickly.

“Ow!” Her smile widened. “Yes you can. Would you like to see other designs?”

“No, actually I think she would love this one.” Seun said.

“In that case, that particular necklace comes with a bracelet and earrings. Should I pack them up for you sir?”

“Yes please.” Seun said and moved to the counter to pay.  As he waited for his purchase,  he looked around and saw a beautiful golden bracelet, which he knew his mum would love. So he picked it for her and told the young lady to add it to his purchase. Seun wandered further into the shop, until he found himself by a show glass which had beautiful rings.

He scanned through them and really liked three different types of engagement rings. Seun was never one to enter a Jewelry shop for any female other than his mother. He was going out of his way this time for a lady and not just any! His Kaylee. Not just the gift he was about to purchase for Kaylee, but the fact that he was considering an engagement ring as well, surpised Seun but at the same time made him happy. He felt like a man taking a very important and bold step in his life.

“Do you like any sir?” An elderly man with grey hair asked him. “I am sure  she would like this one” the man said and pointed to one of the rings Seun liked.

Seun smiled “I am sure she would.”


“Not today” Seun laughed “but soon. Really soon!”

“That’s fine sir, but If she is special then you shouldn’t let her go.” The old man said with a fatherly smile.
The last statement of the man, was just the advice Seun needed. He thanked the old man and promised to be back for the ring soon, before he went to pay for his purchases with his debit card.

Seun walked out of the shop and was greeted by a cool breeze. He put back his headphones and started back home.

Kaylee was like a missing piece In his life and now that he had found her, he couldn’t let her go.  Somehow, the incidence with Tessa made him realise just how much Kaylee meant to him. He just had to get her back.

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