DEC 23rd


Kaylee was walking down the highway crying. All these years… Nobody told her! How did this happen? Everything she knew, everything she loved gone in a minute. She was alone, no phone, no money, no one to call and nowhere to stay.

———– Much earlier that day———–

Kaylee woke up feeling much better than the day before. She was not over Seun yet! Oh no she wasn’t! But she was determined to try and move on with her life. Christmas was two days away and she wanted to enjoy every bit of it.

She rolled over on the bed and checked her phone before she got out of bed. She had about five missed calls and two text messages which she deleted without reading them.
Kaylee got down on her knees and prayed a little bit longer than usual. She felt like today was going to be a good day, bright and a good time to spend with family. She skipped downstairs and walked into the kitchen, to find Dapo and Florence having breakfast just like the day before.

“Someone is happy today” Dapo rested his head on his palm and smiled at Kaylee. “Tell me, is the Doctor coming today?”

Kaylee rolled her eyes. “No he is not. Must everything be about the Doctor?”

“Ow yes!” Dapo teased and went back to his breakfast.
Once breakfast was over and Kaylee washed the dishes and put them away, she joined Florence and Dapo in the sitting room for a movie.  It was late evening, when the fourth film they watched was over, that Florence announced that she wanted to decorate the Christmas tree and asked Kaylee to join her.
Dapo looked hurt as Kaylee rose to her feet, to help Florence with the Christmas decorations. It was something he and Florence did every year, decorating the tree together and then eating cupcakes with a cup of tea afterwards.

The two sister caught up on old memories as they decorated happily and hung several Christmas balls on the tree.

“Remember when mum insisted we all went for a Christmas carol and dad said he was not going?” Kaylee said laughing.

“Oh Yes. I do!” Florence joined Kaylee in laughing “Claire said if dad wasn’t going, she wasn’t going to go.”

“And you joined her, leaving me to go with mum.” Kaylee frowned at Florence. “I swear it was the worst carol ever! Mum made me sing ‘joy to the world’ in front of everyone! I was embarrassed.”

“Oh yes! I still have the video clip on my laptop.” Florence laughed harder.

“There was a video clip?” Kaylee screamed.

“Oh Oh!” Florence said giggling “you were not supposed to find out! Ever!”

“How come?”

“Mum videoed it. She was really excited to see you up there, you know.” Florence stuck her tongue out at Kaylee and threw one of the Christmas balls at Kaylee.

Kaylee retaliated by throwing the Christmas angel at Florence.
“Common not the angel.” Florence whined and picked up the final decoration of the tree.

“Could I be of help girls?” Dapo asked from behind Florence.

“Ladies Dapo.” Kaylee corrected as she hung another decoration on the tree.
Dapo raised his hands in surrender “I stand corrected” he laughed. “So?”

“No thank you, but we’ve got this.” Florence said with a monotone voice.

“Oh! I just thought we could decorate again this year, it use to be our thing you know?”

“Yeah! Emphasis on ‘Use to be’ Dapo. Thank you but Kaylee and I got this one.”

“I think we would need his help in hanging the Christmas Angel” Kaylee chirped.

“Who asked you?” Florence barked. Kaylee kept Quiet and waited for the tension to dissolve.

“I thought as much.” Florence hissed, which pushed Kaylee to speak up.

“You know what? Florence I think you are taking this too far! Yes Dapo cheated, guess what? A lot of married men cheat and divorce their wives for their mistresses. But Dapo has been begging you… can’t you see he is trying to make amends?”
Florence was fuming at Kaylee’s words. But Kaylee would not give her a chance to talk.

“You are not perfect sis, oh no you are not.  You like to take control and always want things done your way. You can be very annoying as well, so why don’t you forgive him, work out your marriage, pray and trust God.” Kaylee paused and took a step towards Florence. “I love you Florence, I love the both of you and I need you both to at least try. For yourselves, for me, for your baby.” She moved closer to touch Florence, but Florence avoided Kaylee and glared at her.

“Who do you think you are to come and give me marriage counselling?” Florence spat.

“Florence I am only trying to help.”

“Help yourself and leave me alone!”

Dapo tried to intervene, but none of them paid attention to him.

“Fine!” Kaylee shouted “I don’t know why I am still here! I should never have come to London in the first place. I would leave and go over to Claire’s. I am sure she would be a better sister to me”

Florence let out a frustrated laugh “You think? Claire is not your sister. Neither am I. You should be happy we have tolerated you all this while!” Florence hissed.

“What?” Kaylee whispered. Her anger melted suddenly.

Florence’s eyes opened wide, as she realized what exactly she had just said.

“Kaylee…” Florence said softly and walked towards Kaylee, but Kaylee took a step back.

“What do you mean by I am not your sister?” Kaylee asked, tears swelling in her eyes.

“No… Kaylee, I did not mean that. Listen to me.”

“Just tell me the truth!” Kaylee screamed “who the hell am I?”

Florence looked over at Dapo for help, but Dapo looked away from her.
She gulped “After mum had me, there were complications and so she could no longer bear children.” Florence sniffed and wiped the tears that had fallen down her cheeks. “Mum wanted three children and so decided to adopt a boy, but Dad and mum saw you instead and feel in love with you.”

Kaylee stared at Florence shocked and unblinking, except for the tears that ran down her cheeks. She was having a hard time processing the information she had just heard. No! She was having a hard time accepting it.

“Please Kaylee, I am so sorry. I don’t know why I even said that.” She walked up to hug Kaylee but Kaylee pushed Florence and backed away.

“I hate you!” Kaylee screamed, but her voice came out broken. She turned and ran out the front door, without knowing where exactly she was going. All she knew was that she could not be around anyone.

She ran down the street, allowing the cold breeze hit her face, quickly drying her tears as more poured out.

Dapo ran after Kaylee, but immediately he stepped out of the apartment, he had no idea where Kaylee had run too. He rushed back inside the house to grab his car key, oblivious to the fact that Kaylee was watching him. She did not want to be found! Kaylee began running again,  pushing hard against the cold night until she was far away from their residence and her feet could no longer carry her any further. She took an alternative route Seun had taken on their first date and slowed down.

She stopped and gasped for air, panting and resting her hands on her knees in a bent position. When she regained her energy and could breathe, Kaylee wandered aimlessly wondering where she would go. She had no money on her, not even her debit card or her phone to call. Even if she had her phone, who was she going to call? Who did she know in London asides Seun? She did not want to call him but after what just happened he was the only one she could talk to. Kaylee wondered if she should look for a phone booth or walk to the hospital. All odds were against her, as she walked further. Everything and everyone she had known and loved gone. She was an orphan after all, a child who was homeless and without a family just as she was right now…….

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