DEC 24th


Kaylee opened her eyes, to the beautifully decorated room she was given last night. It had a warm deep red theme, with brown Paintings on the wall, a queen sized bed, heavy brown mahogany chest drawers to the side and a brown furry foot rug beside the bed. The heavy curtains were down, but Kaylee was aware that it was early afternoon. It was the best night she had ever had, regardless of the fact she just discovered she was or is an orphan.
She smiled to herself, as she thought back to the warm reception Seun’s parents gave her. His mum had prepared chicken soup, which she ate with few slices of bread. They were also very understanding with her and ushered her to the beautiful room where she slept. And Seun? He was too charming and sweet to her, sitting beside her in the room until she slept.

Kaylee placed her hand over the spot Seun had sat on last night and smiled to herself. She felt like a teenager, who had finally gotten a date with her crush. Her lovey-dovey thoughts were halted, when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in, the door is open.” Kaylee raised her voice so that whoever it was, could hear her despite the enormous space the room had.

Seun poked his head in, as his lips curled into a big smile “Hey!”

“Hey” Kaylee replied. Unsure of what to say to him, now that there was daylight.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked, taking a place beside Kaylee on the Bed.

“Yes I did. I think it was the best I have had in a long while.”

“Ow thank God then.” Seun pretended to be relieved and Kaylee giggled in response.

The room fell in an awkward silence and both were eager to break it.

“So about the other day?” Seun began the same time Kaylee wanted to say something.

“You go first” they both said at the same time and laughed.

“Ladies first.” Seun said gently.

“I just wanted to say, thank you for Yesterday. It means a lot to me that you were there for me.”

“Please don’t thank me. In fact, I should be thanking you.”

“How? What did I do?” Kaylee chuckled.

“Well…” Seun began saying when Kaylee’s stomach rumbled.

“Oh God!” she sighed in embarrassment. “Why was it so audible?” she grumbled and Seun laughed.

“We had breakfast about three hours ago, but I am sure mum would have something for you. She is so excited to have you. In fact, I am hurt” Seun placed a hand on his chest faking hurt “she is never this excited to see me you know.”

Kaylee laughed “She loves you so much. I can see it in her eye.”

“Obviously… I am the only child.” Seun gave a duh? Look and rolled his eyes like a girl, which was very funny to Kaylee. “Okay, enough about me. Common, let’s get you something to eat.”

Seun got off the bed and stretched his hand out for Kaylee. She took his outstretched hand and Seun pulled her off the bed and into his arms. “What do you say- I carry you down stair?”

“NO! Please don’t” Kaylee begged, but it was too late. Seun carried her up and threw her over his shoulders like a bride and hurried down the long spiral stairs.


“Morning sunshine.” Dapo said, smiling down at Florence.
She rolled from her side to her back so that she was looking straight at Dapo.

“Morning.” She murmured and Dapo leaned in to kiss her.

“I brought you breakfast…” He announced cheerfully. Florence peered over his shoulders and saw the nicely toasted bread, with a steaming cup of Tea placed on a tray, which was on the night stand. She immediately sat up and smiled cheekily at her husband.

“Thank you.” Florence had almost forgotten all the luxury her husband provided her, like breakfast in bed amongst many other romantic things he did.

“Have you heard anything from Kaylee?” Florence asked, worry taking over her pretty face.

“Actually Yes! Doctor Delvin called very early this morning, to say that Kaylee was with him at his family house.”

“Ow thank you Jesus!” Florence exclaimed and would have jumped out of the bed, if she did not feel so heavy and swollen.

“Yes. I was glad she was with him. I mean, she had a place to sleep.

Florence looked at her husband and observed the eye bags he had. “When did you sleep?” she asked him.

“About two hours ago?”

Florence used her index finger, to trace the bags around her husband’s eye softly. “I love you so much sweetie.”

Dapo looked down at his wife lovingly. He was grateful to God for bring her back to him and there was nothing that would make him ruin their marriage again. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her temple. “I Love you more. Okay now, eat your breakfast, we have to leave for the airport in an hour.”


“Yes your mum is arriving today remember?”

“Ow!” with the whole drama in her life, Florence had forgotten that her mum was scheduled to arrive London on the 24th.

“An hour?” Dapo reminded her again before leaving the room.

“Yes an hour!!” Florence confirmed picking a toast from her plate.


Dapo quickly found a parking space at the airport and stole it before another driver did. The airport was surprisingly jammed.

“Wow!” Florence exclaimed. “How are we going to find my mum?”

“I am not sure but, we would not find her sitting here in the car.” Dapo teased and Florence elbowed him.

“Common let’s get your mum.” Dapo said getting out of the car.

Soon, they were brushing through the entrance to get to the arrival gate. Once there, Dapo took out a folded paper from his pocket, asked a nearby-stander for a pen and scribbled Florence’s mother’s name on it.

Florence looked up at her husband and smiled. Pleased with him for how he was always thinking of what to be done and how it should be done. If it was up to her, she wouldn’t have thought about that.

“Look!” Dapo gasped. “I just saw someone that looks just like your father.”

“Huh? No it couldn’t be.” Florence laughed. Mum did not mention he was coming and my Father has a thing for flying.”

“Well, why is the man walking towards us with your mum?”

“What????” Florence snapped her head to the direction, Dapo was looking and before Dapo could say another word, Florence was rushing as fast as she could to her parents.

“OH MY GOSH! Daddy… you came! I am so happy. No! I am glad… glad is not the word. Dapo what is the word I am looking for?” she turned to her husband, who had caught up with the family.

“Ecstatic?” Dapo suggested, knowing that was the word she loved to use but always forgot it.

“Yes I am ecstatic…” she laughed loudly. “Why did you come dad?”
“What do you mean? I wanted to surprise you and see my newest grandson. Besides, there is no way I would spend Christmas without my wife and children.”

“It’s a girl dad!” Florence whined.

Dapo hi-fived Florence Dad, while Florence and her mum teamed up against the men. It was going to be an awesome Christmas…

Florence was sitting on one of the couches in their sitting room with her husband, dad and mum. They all had a solemn look as Florence accounted the incidence of the previous day.

“I didn’t mean to. I was just so angry it slipped.” Florence sobbed as her husband placed a comforting arm around her.

Florence mum was sobbing softly too “We have lost her honey.” She said to her husband.

“No we haven’t. She would have found out one day. It is however sad that it happened now. We did our best in raising her and if she feels different about us, then there is nothing we can do. But I know my Kaylee, she is a smart, loving girl.” Florence father said and hugged his wife.

“Daddy what are we going to do now?” Florence asked with a broken voice.

Her father looked and the floor that was covered with a purple rug for a few seconds before he spoke up. “We would wait for her to come around.”

As evening approached, the weather got colder. Seun’s mum was kind enough to give Kaylee a change of clothes and a brown knitted sweater that Kaylee thought was very warm and cozy.

She had spent her day talking and laughing with Seun’s family, she felt like she had known them for years. His parents were very warm towards her and even showed her their old family albums ranging from pictures to videos.

As the evening got darker, Seun’s parents announced they were tired and were hitting the sacks early, but it was very obvious to Kaylee and Seun that his parents were trying to give them privacy.

Kaylee and Seun were left sitting on a couch, which faced the fire place, watching the firewood burn and listening to the cackle of the fire.

“I am an orphan.” Kaylee said sofly, Seun almost didn’t hear what she said.

“What?” he chuckled. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I have no parents, no family… it is just me.” Kaylee said still staring at the fire.

“I know what the word Ophan means. I Just don’t understand what you mean by it’s just you. What about your sister?”

Kaylee remained silent and Seun thought she did not hear him when she answered. “I just found out I am adopted” Kaylee said, this time looking at Seun and he caught the tear stain on her cheeks in the dim light of the room.

Scooting closer, Seun draped a comfortable arm around her and pulled her closer to himself. “Hey! Hey!! It’s okay.”

“No it is not! Let me talk.”

Seun allowed her talk, but still kept her close to himself as if she would disappear if he didn’t.

“I got into an argument with Florence over her husband…” Kaylee paused and contemplated if she should tell him about her sister’s marriage, but decided against it. “Anyway, she got really mad at me and said I was not her sister and neither was Claire. That I was adopted after my mother could no longer conceive.”

Kaylee opened her mouth to say something but shut it and opened it again but no words came out. She was sobbing hard and hiccupping. “How- How could it be…? They are still my family right? I can’t lose them.”

“You won’t lose them.” Seun hugged her tighter, if it was possible.

“Kaylee don’t you see that they love you?”

“But why didn’t they tell me since?”

“Probably because they were scared you would take off like you just did. Look, I know you are hurt now, but just think about it. They loved you all this years, knowing you were adopted. Family is not just by blood Kaylee. It is by love, sacrifice, commitment and sharing.”

Kaylee smiled “someone should have been a therapist.”

“Yeah yeah!”

Kaylee laughed and Seun was glad he could cheer her up. The sound of her laughter, was like a beautiful melody to Seun; he wanted to hear it every time.

“I will go back home tomorrow. Thank you for everything.” Kaylee wiped the tears that had fallen off her cheeks.

“Sure babe.” Kaylee looked up at him and raised her eyebrow. Seun chuckled and kissed her on her forehead. Despite how much she enjoyed the feeling, she couldn’t help but peel herself from his embrace. It hurt her that despite her feelings for him, he had someone else. Probably that Ugly nurse… Kaylee knew deep down that the nurse was beautiful, but she would never admit that to herself.

“What’s wrong?” Seun asked, worry evident on his face.

“Nothing… I- I” Kaylee stuttered.

“I- I- I” Seun mimicked her and laughed before he lifted her chin so that she was looking straight into his eyes. “Talk to me.”

Once again, the fluttering feeling was back and Kaylee could no longer think straight. “I just don’t want to overstep… you know.”

Seun immediately let his hand drop from her chin and he became all of a sudden grim. He tucked his hands at the back of his head and crossed his legs. Kaylee watched the way he had suddenly changed again and wondered what the trigger was. She wanted to know so desperately but she did not want to push him. But what if he needed the Push?….

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