Christmas morning came quickly and it was not exactly what Florence wanted. She was feeling nostalgic about Christmas and how she always loved Christmas with her family. Dapo was her family now, but she longed for the Christmases, she spent with her dad, mum, Kaylee and Claire.
Her parents were in London yes, but Kaylee was not home and no one knew when she would decide to come. If Florence had her way, she would have gone to Seun’s family house and would have gotten her sister back. But her father insisted that Kaylee needed time. And Claire? She was all the way in Canada. She had left her a message, when the incidence with Kaylee occurred, but Claire had not called her back or replied her messages. 

Florence sighed and shut her eyes so that the Tears building up would not spill. She placed her hand over her tommy and rubbed it. She thought she would spend Christmas with her baby, but it seemed this baby had other plans.

Dapo walked into the room with a big teddy bear “Merry Christmas” he said from behind the teddy.

Florence laughed “What’s that? Isn’t it too big and who is it for?”

“For my son of course.”

Florence chuckled “Baby, he would be scared of it.”

“Not my son” Dapo boasted. “He is going to be very brave.”

“If you say so” Florence rolled her eyes and tried to get up.

“Just a second babe.” Dapo stopped her. “Merry Christmas darling. May we spend many more Christmases by God’s grace.” Dapo said, handing her a small wrapped box.

“What is in it?” she asked.

“Well, open it.”

Florence frowned and began opening the gift her husband gave her. It was a blue velvet box that held a very beautiful ring that hand little diamonds and a big ruby in the middle.

“It’s so beautiful.” Florence gasped.

“It Is a promise ring.” Dapo took both her hands in his. “That I will never hurt you ever again, that my love for you will grow day after day and it is also a renewal of our marital vows.”

Florence was tearing up “Oh my god! I Love you so much Dapo.”

She couldn’t believe he could be so thoughtful to get such beautiful ring for her as a reminder of his love for her.

Dapo wiped her tears with his thumb and kissed her forehead, then the top of her nose before he brought his lips to hers.

“Merry Christmas LOML” Florence said to her husband, which meant ‘love of my life’. He laughed and started for the door.

“Would you like something to eat?” Dapo asked.

“No actually I want prepare something for my husband.” Florence smiled broadly.

“Just relax for our baby.” He winked at her.

“Oh common! This son of yours is not coming today.” She laughed and then frowned. “Wait! I feel something!”

“WHAT???” Dapo rushed over to Florence who started laughing.

“Got ya!!”

Dapo shook his head. “Nice try. I wouldn’t fall for that again.” He sat on the bed, before he stretched his leg out on it.

Florence laughed harder, as she walked into their bathroom to freshen up before heading downstairs. She went to the mirror and admired herself. She was so heavy and her stomach so round, it looked like she would explode any minute. She laughed again, and picked up her toothbrush. After applying a fair amount of tooth paste, Florence began brushing her teeth and humming. She felt a slight pain and paused but didn’t put too much to it. She continued humming, when she felt another pain.

Florence frowned her face and carefully placed her tooth brush, before she ran water through it and rinsed her mouth. She paused, waiting for another cramp and when she didn’t feel any, she decided to turn on the heater for a hot shower. She walked over to the rack that held the towels, when she suddenly felt liquid run down her legs.

“Oh oh!!!” Florence held tight to the towel rack “Baby I think my water just broke.” She called out.

“Nice try baby!” Dapo said and picked up a random magazine to flip through.

The pain was back and it was more intense. Florence could not hold it, so she screamed out “DAPO! This is for real!”

“I am not falling for that again babe!”

Florence screamed again in pain and mistakenly knocked down the bath gel, antiseptic and toothpaste that was neatly arranged on the counter beside the rack. The noise caused Dapo to stand up from the bed.
“Fine! I will go along with it.” He said, as he walked over to the bathroom. “Oh my God. Florence” Dapo gasped and rushed over to his wife.

“Dapo be care-“ Florence began saying but it was too late. Dapo slipped and fell on the bathroom floor.

“What the hell? Why is there water on the floor?” He asked.

“My water broke dummy!” Florence snapped but didn’t mean to. It was all because of the pain she was feeling.

“For real?” Dapo asked. Florence could see the confusion on his face but she couldn’t help but yell at him.

“Baby this is for real!”

“Urrr…” Dapo stuttered and hurried out of the door.

“Where are you going to?” she yelled. “Great! Just great.” Florence huffed and tried to get moving on her own.

Dapo quickly picked up his phone and dialed Florence Dad. He needed all the help he could, at this moment because he was scared and confused.

“Merry Christmas!!” He said excitedly. “We would be at the house in another two hours.”

“I don’t think so dad.”

“Why what’s wrong?”

“Florence is in Labour.”


“Florence is in Labour? “ Kaylee Blurted out?

“What?” Seun asked, from across the table. Kaylee could hear whispers from Seun’s Parents but she paid no attention to it. They were having breakfast on the dining table when Kaylee got a call from Dapo.

“OMG! When? Where are you? Is she okay?” Kaylee asked, without taking a break on her questions.

“Yes… well, we just got to the hospital.” Dapo replied from the other end of the line.

“Okay. Thank you. I will be on my way.” Kaylee said and rose from her sit on the dining, before she ended the call and stuffed her phone in her back Jean pocket.

“What is wrong?” Seun asked getting up from the dinning too.

“I am so sorry to interrupt breakfast, but my sister is in Labor and I have to get to the hospital as soon as possible.”

“That’s fine dear.” Seun’s mum said “We would come with you.” She said and tried to get up too.

“No ma. It’s fine. I will just be on my way now.”

“I will drive you there.”

“Ow! That would be too much to ask.” Kaylee said, even if she wanted him to go with her.

“Are you serious? Common it’s no bother at all. Let me grab my keys.” He said and disappeared. Kaylee shuffled on her feet anxiously, until Seun reappeared wearing a black coat and jigging his keys. She had never seen him with a black coat before and now that she did, she could not stop staring.


“Yes” Kaylee said, tearing her eyes away from him.

“Aww darling… I wish you didn’t have to go.” Seun’s mum said, walking up to Kaylee. “Please promise me you will be back soon?”

“Yes I will.” Kaylee offered a sweet smile, before she was enveloped in a warm hug.

“I feel like you are already part of this family.” Seun’s dad said, joining his wife.

Kaylee flushed “Thank you so much sir, for accepting me in your lovely home.” Seun’s dad stretched out his hand and Kaylee took it in a handshak, before Seun ushered her out of the house.

The house was huge and looked bigger in the day light. There were cars parked in the compound, about five cars but Seun did not let her fully admire them all, as he led her to a black Heliux.

“This will be better with the snow.” Seun said as he got into the car and turned on the heater for Kaylee. “Shall we?”

“We shall.” Kaylee forced a smile through her anxiety.

They drove in silence, Seun tapping the steering wheel anxiously. He did not want to turn on the radio because, he knew that Kaylee would not appreciate it. She kept glancing at her phone and sending text messages.

“How long till we get to the hospital?” she glanced at Seun.

“Say, in 45 minutes.”

She smiled but it was weary, before she rested her head on her hand and focused on the road.

Seun placed a hand over hers and squeezed it gently “If I could get a jet for you, I will… we will soon be there and I am sure your sister is fine okay?”

“Okay!” Kaylee agreed and shut her eyes. Everything will be okay, God is in control, Florence would put to bed and I will make it to the hospital in time. She thought and calmed her nerves.

“OW OH!!” Seun exclaimed and slowed down.

“What! What is it?” Kaylee asked.

“Remember when I said we would soon be at the hospital?”


“Well, it might take a little longer”

“What? Why?” Kaylee searched Seun’s face critically.


Kaylee followed Seun’s eyes to the road and lo! There it was, lying across the road, a big tree that had fallen.

“OH NO!”


Dapo was pacing the corridor of the hospital, waiting for any news about his wife and baby. It was scary and he was truly scared.

Dapo could not think straight, he felt like he was the one in Labour and not his wife or maybe both of them.

Sweat beads appeared on his forehead despite the cold. It was unbelievable. Maybe he was falling ill? Before he could contemplate his next action, he heard his name and turned to see his mother and father-in-law.

“Oh thank God how is she? Any news?” Florence’s Mother asked.

“No not at all. I am so worried mum. If anything happens to them?”

“shh!” she hushed him. “Nothing will happen to them.”

Florence’s dad, who was quiet all along spoke up “Florence is a strong woman and I believe God will see her through.”

“Amen!” they all said together.

“Look it is Dr Richard.” Dapo said and broke away from the little circle. He walked towards the doctor and stopped right in front of him.

“Your wife is fine. She is only 5 centimetres dilated, so we have to wait for her to be at least 8- 10 centimetres, before she can go into full labor.”

“Okay can I see her?”

“Yes you can.” Dr Richard smiled and led the way to the private ward. Dapo felt as if, he spent the whole Nine months of pregnancy in the hospital and could not wait until it was all over.

“Hey baby” Dapo tried be sweet to his wife, who was clutching tight to the bedsheet.

“I HATE YOU!!” Florence spat!

“Honey, I know you don’t mean that.” Dapo covered the distance between the door and the bed.

Florence screamed again “SHIT! OH GOD!”

Dapo held her hand in his and let her squeeze his hand. Despite how painful her hold was on his, he tried to focus on his wife.

“Baby, promise me we would not have another child.” Florence panted.

“Huh?” Dapo exclaimed, but when he saw the look on his wife’s face he quickly agreed.

“Promise me that you will be the one to carry the baby otherwise. Because I cannot do this again” she cried.

“I am sorry baby. I promise I will carry the next pregnancy.” Dapo reassured his wife.

“Thank you!” she sighed and breathed in as another contraction came.

“She is just too minutes apart now and 9 centimetres dilated ” a Nurse said.

“We are going to prepare her now.” The Nurse announced.

“I love you baby. I will be with you every step of the way.” Dapo said, following the Stretcher  and still holding Florence’s hand.

“Yes! Let us have our baby.” She said and managed a smile for her husband.


“Seun it is almost 4pm. When are we going to leave here?” Kaylee was frantic.

“I know. Maybe we should ditch the car and walk across.” He suggested.

“Then how are we going to get to the hospital?”

“I am not sure… call a cab or hitch a ride?”

“I don’t know, I can’t just stay here for another minute.”

“Alright then.” Seun agreed and Kaylee watched as he rushed back to the car to grab their things from the car and locked up car.

He handed her a muffler as they walked away from the car.

“What about your car? Will it be safe here?”

“Yeah I will call someone to tow it back home. Don’t worry babe!” he said and draped an arm on her shoulder.

“So what’s the plan?” Kaylee asked.

Seun thought for a few seconds “I honestly don’t know, but all I know is we are going to make it to the hospital.”


“AHHHHHHH!” Florence screamed.

“Please hang in there baby.” Dapo encouraged her.

“No I can’t! I am tired Dapo.”

“Please be strong darling, we would soon have our baby girl.”

“I thought you wanted a boy?” Florence panted.

“Yes but right now, it doesn’t matter. You are all that matters to me. You and the beautiful baby you are going to push out right now okay?”

Florence nodded and pushed again before she broke down and cried.

“I see something” The Doctor said. “You can do it Florence.” She encouraged.

“We are almost there baby. Let’s give all we’ve got. I am going to scream with you okay? Will it help?”

“SHUT UP! I love you but please don’t talk again.” Florence Yelled and with it, she pushed harder.

“Great! The first baby is out congratulations it is a baby boy.”

“First?” Dapo was dazed.

“Your wife is having twins.” The Female doctor smiled and handed the baby to a nurse.

Dapo looked at his wife who was so tired already “Darling, you are amazing! Let’s do this one more time okay?”

Florence summoned strength and nodded “Okay!”


“Thank you very much.” Kaylee thanked the lovely woman who had given them a ride to the hospital.”

“Oh please!” She brushed Kaylee off “it is the least I could do to help. I hope your sister gives birth safely.”

“Thank you” She said again, before she was dragged into the hospital by Seun.

As they stepped into the hospital, Kaylee spotted someone familiar at the reception.

“I am looking for Mr and Mrs Olanrewaju.” Kaylee heard the Lady say, as she approached her. Seun gave her a look but Kaylee waved him off and kept walking towards the lady.

“Who are you?” the woman behind the desk asked politely.

“I am her sister.” The lady replied.


The lady turned around “Kaylee!!”

Soon the two sisters were engulfed in a big hug “Oh my God! Claire what are you doing here?”

“Well, I had to come because I heard you ran away and then this morning dad and mum informed me that Florence was in labor. I just had to come here straight.”

“Did you say dad?”

“Yes! Dad is here with mum. Wait you didn’t know?”

“No I didn’t.”

“Kaylee?” Seun walked up to them. “I am going to check what is going on inside.”

Claire looked Seun up and down and smiled at Kaylee “Wouldn’t you introduce him?”

“Oh! Yes! Claire this is Seun my friend and Seun, this is Claire my elder sister.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you” Seun said shaking Claire’s hand.

“I will be right back” he kissed Kaylee on her cheek and walked away.

“Hmmm!” Claire winked at Kaylee. “I want to hear it all.”

Kaylee blushed “Claire… please.”

“Please ? Tell me now!”

“Okay I will, but not now atleast.”


“So, how is-” Kaylee begun saying, but stopped when she sighted Dapo wearing a doctor’s outfit. Seun was following right behind and he winked at Kaylee.

“How is she?” Claire stole the words before Kaylee could say them.

“She is fine and the babies are fine as well.”

“Babies?” Kaylee was as surprised as Dapo was earlier.

“Yup! A boy and a girl.”

“Oh my God. Thank you Jesus.” Kaylee’s eyes pooled with tears.

“Can we see them?” Claire asked.

“Not yet I just wanted to tell you all, the good news.”Dapo said and scanned around. “Where is dad and mum?”

“We are here.” Florence’s mum called as she walked towards the group, with her husband.

Kaylee, seeing her parents ran towards them and hugged them. She could not stop the tears that had pooled.
It was really the best Christmas ever for them all.


“How would you rate your Christmas, on a scale of 1-10″ Seun asked Kaylee, as they exited the hosiptal.

” I would say 9, it was better than I imagined.” Kaylee gave Seun a big smile. “I mean, my sister gave birth to twins today, my whole family is here and I am so glad I have them. Adopted or not, they are my family and that would never change. I love them.” Kaylee laughed and leaned into Seun. “And I am with you.” She added and looked up at him. “What about you?” She asked him.

Seun looked down at Kaylee before wrapping her in an embrace. He looked straight ahead into the hospital before he spoke up. “There was an old woman who wanted to spend Christmas with her children and grandchildren.  She was really ill and medically, She wouldn’t have seen Christmas. I told her it was impossible but her faith wouldn’t let her believe me. When I went into the hospital today, she was right there with her children and grand children and they were laughing. Kaylee I mean, she actually saw Christmas! Isn’t that amzing?”

Kaylee untangled herself from the embrace to look at Seun. She could see how happy he was for this woman, even if she did not know her. “That’s amazing.” Kaylee smiled.

“Do you know what else is amazing?” Seun asked.

Kaylee laughed “I am sure you will tell me?”

Dapo looked down at her again “You!”

Kaylee’s cheeks immediately warmed up at his statement. She laughed “what makes me amazing? ”

“Your smile… your eyes! I think they are the most beautiful orbs I have ever seen.” Kaylee laughed and smacked Seun lightly but let him continue.  “The way you argue with me, the way you sing along to all the songs on my playlist…” he used his index finger to trail her jawline. “I Love how you make me feel… so happy… so whole… you complete me Kaylee and I cannot imagine my life without you in it.”

Kaylee’s breath caught in her throat and she was feeling so emotional. The fluttering feeling was back but this time, it was growing from her stomach up. The corner of her eyes stung and she could feel the tears coming.

“I love you so much Kaylee… I-” Seun looked up at the sky, as he tried to put to words exactly how he felt. “I am in love with you kaylee, every part of you. I want to be the man who would take care of you and love you. The man who-”

“I love you too” kaylee said, cutting Seun off.

“You do?” He asked and she nodded, as a tear slid down her cheeks.

“Whew! Great then.” He chuckled and reached for his pocket.  He bought out a red velvet box, that had the necklace he had gotten her.

“It’s so beautiful.” Kaylee whispered.

“Can I?” Seun asked and Kaylee turned around for Seun to wear it for her.

“I love it! Thank you so much. I wish I got you something as well.” Kaylee looked up at Seun.

“You are all I want. Okay? You are more than enough Kaylee.”

“But-” kaylee wanted to argue and knowing she would, Seun leaned In and kissed her.

Kaylee’s eyes fluttered shut as her lips touch his. It was soft, warm and sweet. Like peaches and cream. He was perfect for her, as she was for him. Their lips moved in rhythm like a beautiful melody. A melody they wanted to be lost in forever.  They were two beautiful intruments that blended into a sweet harmony.
Seun kissed her forehead before he wrapped her in an embrace. Kaylee rested her head on his chest and breathed in his scent, one she had come to love in the past one month.

“Seun” she murmured against his chest “I love this so much,  but it is really cold. Can we go in now?”

Seun laughed hard. This was another reason why he loved her. “Sure babe!” He took her hand in his and intertwined their fingers.

“Remember when I rated my christmas a 9?” She asked as they , made their way into the hospital.


“I take that back! It is a 20!”

“But the scale is 10 baby.”

She smile at the ‘baby’ he called her “yes I know!” She stood on her toes and kissed him on the cheek. “it is the best Christmas ever!”

Awwwwwwnnnnn so sweet right? Just an epilogue to go and it would be a wrap. Thank you all for reading! Please like, comment and share.

Much love…



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