Just because I love him


My heart is a desert, devoid of you.
I pant after you,  your love
Like the deer panteth for water.
When will you come?
Like a rain drowning all my hopelessness and desperation.

I am like a wild fire, burning a deserted land
Inch by inch, until the whole lot is gone.

I am like the ocean- Wide,  free and deep, waiting to be tamed by the tidal waves of your love.

I am like the wind- Carefree and aimless waiting for your direction because you are my wind vane.

You Lord are the seal upon my heart,  the covering over my head, the pillar that holds this temple called my life.

You are my everything, so don’t let me go.  Hold me tight so that I would not stray.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Show some love today, touch the life of someone and do something good.
I was so touched when a friend of mine shared this with me.



Do something great today or be a part of this.  Check out his blog deepcolorsblogs.wordpress.com for more enquires.


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