Conflict of the Heart


I cast my eyes upon setting the setting sun
While feeling the caress of the wind.
I shut my eyes to relish the beauty of this entrancing feeling
and for a moment my racing heart stopped to breath.

Just for a moment, I was no longer haunted by what would have been.
For a moment, my  thoughts didn’t crawl back to you.
It didn’t loathe you for being stupid or love you for being you.

In that moment, I saw the possibility of building a fortified wall around my heart.
One that would make me strong.

Just for a moment….

But the wind passed, the sun set and the haunting was back. 
My thoughts ran back to hating and loving you all at the same time,
And the walls I built came crumbling.

With you it’s always “square one” and we are just running in circles.
I want to let go as desperately as I want to hold on.
It is a conflict of the heart.



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