Broken Pieces

Deeply expressed. One you can relate to



As the rain pours from the heavens and drums on the roof of my apartment and splatter on my window pane, a certain melody begins to flow in and out my ear, the wind blows the curtains about like a flag; Bed peace. Until heartbreak reminds me of days spent, time invested and emotions hardly ever shown during the 8 months we shared together with nothing to show for it. So I told you when you left me that there was nothing to forgive.
Fading memories of times we spent together, hours on the cellphone chatting and planning about our forever but the excitement I once felt had turned into a bore, the “qualities” I adored about you disgust and sicken me now; for your ungrateful eyes lusts after Her and your heart falling for another. It seems cruel to air these thoughts but I am jealous of the way…

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