Little wonder


Is it just me or have you ever wondered  why certain things happen? Or why some things just are?

Everything seems perfect except for one thing…

There Is always a ‘but’ a very BIG ‘BUT’.
It might be an insignificant ‘But’ but it is still there… Always!

Little wonder why isn’t there perfection ?

Little wonder why would a perfect and all knowing God create a beautiful garden but put a forbidden tree in the middle?

Did he forget ? Was it a mistake ?
No! Because one thing I am certain about is that God makes no mistakes.

So this is my theory.

Perfection leaves no room for choices or decisions.
A perfect garden would have limited Adam and eve, hence no test of true obedience to God.

I will definitely love a perfect guy so it’s not an issue to debate about but when I meet a guy with ‘buts’ and still make a decision to love him, then that is true love. Perfect love!

We are surrounded by so many buts, but perfection comes when you are aware of the ‘but’ and  still make the right choice.

Adam and Eve would have been blameless/ perfect  before God if they had obeyed despite the ‘but’ at the center of the garden.

Little wonder why aren’t we all perfect by now?

Food for thought! Quit making the wrong choices and start making the right ones. Think it through and evaluate before you take a bite of that forbidden fruit.



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