True or false opinions?

I think I have heard it all.
“Use your head not your heart.” They said.
“Use your heart and not your head.”
“A combination of both is perfect!”
“Love is the most important thing.”
Others think “Sometimes it’s not about love, but he should be able to take care of you.”
“Don’t be forced you into it.”
“There is no perfect one.”
“Your perfect one is someone else’s spouse”. I have been told.
“If it hurts then it is not love.”
“Sometimes you don’t end up with the one you love, but the one that is right for you.”
“That kind of love only happens in books…..”
So many opinionated persons, each with different sides of love and experiences that I don’t know what is true anymore.
But I am sure of one thing. If fairytales do exist, then I want one. And if there is true love then I want to enjoy and not endure it.


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