Romance books…No good ?

I should stop reading romance books.

No good come out of them.

They are like cheap high that blurs my thoughts for a while, till it fades away and I am left looking for my next fix.

I really should stop reading them!

Because I fall in love with the characters so much so that I feel they are real, somewhere in the world. Not even the label ‘fiction’ can break me from my assumptions.

Romance books,  they are no good to me at all. 

I think it makes me feel more lonely than before I started.

I think it makes my imagination run too wild and I expect too much from people.

So many reasons why I shouldn’t be reading romance.

But for one reason, one that overules the many others and breaks the balance- I believe in love and fary tale. Because I know all about the first love and farytale story. The one about a perfect God who laid down his life for a sinful nation- you and me, even before we knew of him. Even before I loved him, he loved me. 

So yes! Love and fairytale exist and I am bent on finding mine. 

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