The call: chapter 4

cover the call

He did not want to be there. Why should he be? There where so many better places he could be at, doing so much more than the duties of a camp commandant to a bunch of graduates, most of which were drunkards. He had to personally haul their asses to the hostel two nights ago, which amused him.

Were people so foolish as to drink above their limits in the name of a good time?

He shook his head as he kept walking forward with determined steps and his hands crossed behind him.
Corpers parted a way for him like the red sea and he thought, good! They should fear me. He watched the way the corpers were walking casually, gisting and looking relaxed. He did not like it, so he made up his mind that as from tomorrow, they must all double up from point A to point B.
He smiled to himself. It was a nice plan. At least if he had to be there as a camp commandant, obeying orders from his superior, he would have his own fun in the process.

“You!” He pointed his stick at a guy that was wearing bathroom slippers “Follow me!”

He had taken a few more steps before he sighted another guy with his head dress worn backwards. Another scape goat he thought. He pretended as if he did not see the guy until he was right beside him. The male corper was lost in his discussion with a girl, that he didn’t even notice him. The captain simply removed the head dress from the guys head, checked if his state code was written on it, before he continued walking. If the corper was smart enough, he would follow him.  He looked over his shoulder and saw him following. Good!

He approached his alotted apartment in the camp, a place he had never spent a night in and dragged a chair to the front door before sitting on it.

He faced the two guys and the girl from the parade ground. Watching them steadily for a while In order to inflict fear in them. Like a predator will, with his prey.

“You!” He faced the slippers guy. “Look around you.” He began and when the guy kept looking at him He repeated. “I said look around you.” He obeyed and looked around, though grudgingly. “Does this look like your father’s house?
The slippers boy murmured “No.”

He shook his head “No what?”

“No sir.”

The commandant relaxed into the chair and spread his legs wide apart “remove it.” He pointed to the slippers and then looked briefly at the girl who had been following him quietly. Immediately she looked up at him, he tore his eyes off her and focused on the cap guy. “Do you think we are training rascals here?”
The guy looked sincerely confused but ignorance was no excuse.
“It is very wrong to to wear your head dress backwards…”

“I am sorry sir…”

“I am not done.” He cut the guy off. And looked that the slippers guy, who had removed the slippers. “You can go.” The guy tried to take the slippers but the commandant stopped him. “without the slippers.”

The expression on the guy’s face was so priceless, that the commandant almost laughed. He maintained his poker face and looked at the guy “abi you no dey hear English? I say make you waka!!!”
The boy fled barefooted and he watched him go far before he turned back to the girl and the second guy.

She looked more shy than scared, as she bowed her head and picked at her nails which were dirty from the parade ground he noticed.

“You!” He faced the guy “I need four buckets of water. Go!”

He hesistated before he left to carry out his punishment, leaving him and the girl.

Why was She here again? The commandant wondered.

Adanna lifted her head waiting for her punishment. After seeing what he did to the other two guys, she wondered what he would do to her. All she could do was hope that it wasn’t a gruelsome punishment. Her body still ached her and she was really hungry. She looked at him expectantly but he seemed to take his time watching other corpers walk by. He was probably looking for another scape goat.

She used the opportunity to study the man before her. His black hair was cut low and his beards were trimmed and carved nicely in such a way that suited his angular jaw.
He was dark in complexion, with a lighter shade of lips. His camouflage shirt suited him perfectly in a way that enhanced his best features and His shirt had a name tag: Capt. J. Z Bagro.

‘Hmm captain Bagro. So that was his name?’ Adanna thought to herself as she looked him up and down and up…. he was watching her check him out. Oh no! Adanna looked away instantly and shuffled her weight between her left and right leg.

Captain Jude followed her movement and looked at her. Really looked at her, as if seeing her for the first time. Light chocolate complextion, long legs that only seemed longer with that sinful shorts of hers. Her shirt was ugly though, he was sure it was one of the crap they gave all corpers when they arrived. Her face was void of make up but he didn’t think she needed it. She was beautiful, rosey cheeks, big brown eyes, a small pointed nose and full pouty lips.
He let his eyes go down. She was curvy too. Breast? check! Hips? check! Ass?….. Hmm! he could not determine from his perspective.

But those shorts of her…. “Why are you dressed so slutty?”

Adanna was shocked and she looked down at her white on white. “S…Sir?”

“You heard me. This is not acceptable!  I don’t want to see you wearing this again.”

“But.. Sir this was what I was given when I came to camp.”

“Well, now I said you cannot wear it. Go and purchase another one.”

Adanna swallowed down the rising tears. Where was She going to get money to buy shorts?  She didn’t even like wearing it. Now she was called a slut because she didnt have money to purchase a decent white short.
All she had left from the money her dad gave her was 3000. She had spent more than she bargained for, buying water to drink consistently, sometimes paying a woman to wash her white when she couldn’t and even paying to charge her phone too. She didn’t even want to think about how much She spent on the registration day, photocopying and printing.

She felt ashamed of herself and naked under his penetrating stare.

“Give me your ID card. When you have purchased something more decent, you’ll come and collect it.”

He stretched out his left hand and Adanna handed her ID card to him.


She hesitated but turned to leave. Her hunger had vanished and left a painful void in its wake. As she walked away, she saw the other guy return with two full buckets of water. As he got to the captain, Adanna heard him say “pour it away and fetch another one ”

She managed a look over her shoulder and saw the guy pouring the water away.  She turned back quickly  and hastened her steps . She had just gotten herself in trouble with the devil and she wondered what her next step was going to be. Borrow money or run away.

Captain Jude Bagro told her to go and watched her hesitation and fear before she turned around.

Honestly,  there was nothing wrong with her shorts. he had seen worse and frankly he didnt understand why he seized her ID card. Maybe because a part of him wanted to see her again.
Oh well. He told the boy with water to pour it away and fetch another two before he looked at her retreating form.

He smiled to himself. ‘Ass? A big Check!!!!!!’

To be continued….




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