The call: Chapter 13

cover the call

Manchester united was leading Chelsea 2-1. That should have made Jude happy but it didn’t. He was watching the game, but wasn’t watching the game. So he didn’t shout at Julian when she took the remote and changed the channel.

“Ow my! I just missed keeping up with the Kardashian.” She groaned and flopped on the couch in such a way that her feet dangled over the hand and touched Jude.
When she noticed her brother wasn’t reacting to her antics, she poked him with her toe.

“What is it Julian?” He finally tore his eyes from the screen and looked at his sister.

“What is wrong with you? You have been sulking for days!”

“Nothing! I Just have a lot on my mind.”

“Like? “ She sat up and dropped her feet on the cold tiles.

“A lot Julian!”

“Tell me!”

“Don’t you think I would if I wanted to?”

“Argggg! You are unbelievable. I thought you would be happy that your assignment at the camp is over, but you seem upset!”
Of course he was upset! He didn’t know what he had done. If he knew then he would have known how to make amends. After the exhilarating kiss he shared with Adanna, Jude could say that truly she was special. He had never felt the way he did, with any other lady like he felt when he kissed Adanna. And he had kissed a lot of ladies to know that what he felt for Adanna was not something to joke with. But he couldn’t understand why Adanna refused to see him on the day the camp finally closed.
He had sent sergeants to call her for him but she never came. He even stayed back in camp looking for her until he was sure there were no more corpers on the camp site. So why didn’t she come? Why did she refuse to follow the sergeants? He didn’t understand what he did wrong. Did he scare her? Was he a terrible kisser? Hell no! It couldn’t be the kiss. He smirked to himself. He must have scared her. Yeah that was it. But how? The last night in Camp he even looked for her everywhere but didn’t find her until he was dragged by some guys to come celebrate with the winning platoon. At first it was just lots of drinks but later on, it got crazy and those desperate girls where lining up for a lap dance that didn’t stir up his libido. He had tried several times to leave but it was from on ass to another.
He frowned as he remembered. There was just one person he wanted that day, but he didn’t get her. Just one girl. Even now, he wanted her.

He picked up his phone to call Adanna when the reality of his stupidity hit him.

Julian looked at him awkwardly, like he had run mad or something “Are you okay brother?”

He waved her off and kept repeating shit! shit! shit!! He didn’t collect Adanna’s number. How stupid could he be? Never had he made such mistake. If that wasn’t a sign from the universe that he and Adanna wasn’t going to happen, then he didn’t know what it was. Oh yes! His stupidity.

“Put it back on my game now!” he barked at Julian.

“Hey! Don’t use that tone with me!”

“I am pissed Julian put it back!”


“Fuck! Jul…” He didn’t get to finish his statement when a call came in. He picked his call on the first ring “It better be something positive Obinna!”

“Oga no vex! The man has not been able to raise the money. He said he just has 100,000 naira to pay back.”

“100, 000 Naira from 700,000?” He laughed viciously. “Is this man joking with me? Does he know who I am? I gave him 5 months to pay back and this is the 9th month. He is taking me for granted, because I haven’t sent my boys at Lokoja to pay him a visit.”

Obinna was quiet “Oga! Mr Nwankwo na my friend. I know say he never get the moni. The kind hustle wey e don hustle! Hmmm na this change. E don affect us finish.”

“Well, so what am I supposed to do?” Jude was angry and it was evident in his voice. Maybe he would have been lenient, but the call came at the wrong time for them and right time for Jude to vent his frustrations.

Obinna was quiet for a few seconds. “He is ready to work for you without pay in order to pay for his debt. As a driver or anything at all you want.”

That response took Jude by surprise and he took a few seconds of his own to process it. “I will get back to you Obinna.”

“As you wish sir.”

The call ended and left Jude still fuming.
“What was that about?” Julian asked, as she flipped through the channels on DSTV.

“Someone that is owing me money.” He placed his phone on the glass stool beside him and relaxed into the couch despite his tensed state.

“Ow!” Julian put it on trace channel for a short while, before changing the channel again “How much is the person owing?”


Julian opened her eyes wide at her brother and Jude gave her an ‘I-know-right’ look back.
“Well, even though you spent more than that amount just last week, you better collect your money back.”

Jude sighed. “He is a widower and he borrowed the money for his daughter’s fees. A First class student, according to him.”

“And so damn what? Are you a charity organization?”

Jude shrugged “No but, I just feel for the man, maybe I should give him more time or wave of the debt.”

“Hell no! If you don’t want the money, collect it and give it to me, I have lots to shop for.”

Jude narrowed his eyes at his sister “NO! I won’t waste my money on your shopping.”

“Okay, I will call dad for that. But seriously collect your money.”

“Julie, he doesn’t have it. He wants to work off the debt instead as a driver or anything. I don’t need a driver. And even if I wanted one, I don’t want someone that is almost Dad’s age driving me around.”

“Well, let his daughter come and work off the debt. I really cannot clean this whole house and still cook.”

“You never cook Julie. We eat out!” Jude spoke in a Duh tone.

“My point exactly, don’t you want a nice home cooked meal? Instead of eating out all the time. And I have a ton of laundry undone.”

“We have a washing machine.”


Jude frowned “You know you will get married someday.”

“Yeah and I will get a maid and a cook too.”

“And your husband will fuck them both right under your nose.”

“God forbid!” Julian threw a throw pillow at Jude, which he caught effortlessly.

“That’s the truth!”

“Enough Jude. Just get me a maid.” And with that she dropped the remote and went back upstairs “I am going out to meet Halima.” She called back.

Jude ignored her and put it back on his game only to see that Chelsea had equalized ‘Could this day get any worse?’

He watched the match for a few minutes before he picked his phone and dialed Obinna.

“Helloo Sir.”

“Obinna, tell the man that I have another offer.”

“I need a maid to manage my house and meet my sister’s needs. So I want his daughter as repayment for the loan.”

Obinna was quiet, it was a deal he knew Mr Nwankwo would never take. His daughters worth more than the world to him, more than his own life. He was never going to accept this deal. Nevertheless, Obinna replied “Okay sir, I will discuss it with him.”

To be continued…


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