The call: chapter 15

cover the call

Saturday came and with it came a terrible headache for Jude. Maybe it was due to his hangover.
As he sat up in bed and the bright rays of the sun hit his eyes, he regretted every drop of alchol he took Friday night.

It was fun while it lasted, but now it was so not worth it.
He rubbed his temples in a circular motion to ease the ache but it wouldn’t stop.
Jude let out a groan as he stumbled into his bathroom and opened his medication cabinet. He popped two tablets of Panadol and drank a glass of water.
Staring at his reflection in the mirror, he noticed that he looked aweful, so he quickly jumped into the shower.

“Where have you been?” Julian practically screamed at him as he stepped out of his room, dressed in a back baggy shorts and white T-shirt that outlined his defined abs.

Jude squinted his eyes and massaged his temples again.  “Jeezz Julian! Could you stop screaming ?”

“You locked yourself in your room for hours. I don’t understand you anymore.”

“It’s too early to hear your voice this loud Julian. I was sleeping. You know, that’s what normal people do on a Saturday morning.”

Julian looked at him awkwardly.  “Saturday Morning?” She laughed “it is 2:30pm genius.”


“Yes that’s what happens when you come back dead drunk at 4am.”

“Please don’t remind me.”

Jude shut his Room door and decended down the stairs with his sister at his heels.

“What is going on with you?”

“Nothing ! I am just…” He used his right fingers to make an ‘ok’ sign. 👌

“Jude! It’s been a long time since you were drunk… I hope you have not starting doing…”

Jude stopped abruptly and faced his sister. “Drop it Julie. I said I am fine. It just got crazy last night that is all. Besides how will you know when last I got drunk? You have been away remember?” He turned back and continued down the stairs, till he reached the sitting room.

“I know you.” She paused and watched him sit on one of the couches “Just remember you are no longer that person.”

“Julian… don’t you have something better to do? Go out, clean the house or cook.”

“I can’t cook…”

“Then start by boiling water.”


“Seriously go out and leave me in peace.”

“Nope! I want to spend time with you. Why should I go out? Annoying you is more fun.” She sat beside him and smiled brightly. “You should go out.”

“I am not going out today.”

“Okay. Then it’s just you and I.”

Jude groaned and flipped through the Channels. “Go and meet Halima.”

“Actually Halima is coming here.”


Just then, the door bell rang and Julian jumped to her feet to get the door.

Jude was still grumbling under his breath when Julian entered the parlour with Halima behind her.

“Zambrag…” She greeted him.

“Halima… Ya ki ke?” Meaning ‘how are you’ in hausa.


He finally looked at her and had to do a double take. She was looking hot in a dark blue skinny jeans that was folded stylishly at the ankle. Her fair feet was in a blue sandaled heels and she had a peach sleeveless blouse on.
Out of all the chairs in the house,  Halima sat beside him and crossed her legs so that her sandaled feet touched his legs subtly.

“So… what do you want to eat Halima? I am ordering. Does pizza sound nice.”

Halima smiled at her friend. “Sounds great.”

“Okay… do you care for a glass of juice or wine?”

“Water.” Halima replied.

“Argggh this is why I need a maid.” Julian went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“Big brother, what about the maid?”

Jude eyed his sister from the corner of his eyes “I don’t know Obinna is yet to get back to me.”

“Great!” She sat beside her friend and for a little while they chatted and laughed loudly, while Jude tried to completely ignore them.

“I have something to do inside.” Julian announced and went upstairs, leaving Jude and Halima.

“You are awfully quiet today, what’s wrong Zam?”

He tried to ignore the Nickname Halima had given him while they were dating. “Nothing.”

“Common tell me, you know I hate seeing you like this.”

“Halima…” he turned to face her inorder to tell her off but saw her pleading face.

“Just tell me.”

“Nothing. Just having a bad day.”

“Do you want to hang out? We can go somewhere nice. Somewhere you like…”

“We can go to sky bar rooftop lounge.”

Jude laughed despite how he was feeling. “Funny enough, I haven’t gone there since we went together while we…”

“Were still dating.”


“Me too.” Halima admitted.

“If you don’t mind me asking. Why haven’t you.”

“It won’t be the same without you there.”

Jude read her expression before he smiled and focused back on the TV.

“What about you?”

“Ow! I haven’t had the time.”

Ouch! His reply hurt her but Halima masked her hurt and smiled.

“We could still go there. You know for old time sake…”

“Well… I will prefer seeing some other places.”

‘”That’s a good idea let’s go.”

“Well…I didn’t plan on going with anyone.”

Ouch!!!! Halima couldn’t hide her hurt this time as it was glaring.
“Zam…  what is wrong?”


“BETWEEN US!” she almost screamed.

“Halima see we dated for a year, we broke up and we moved on. ”

“I never moved on. That’s the problem.”

She sounded broken and Jude was short of words. He was no fool, he knew Halima never moved on. Even while they were dating, she was very possessive and a jealous lover. Her deep affection for him became her down fall. He couldnt stay in such a relationship were they fought over everything or every lady that spoke to him and called him.
Her love for him gave him a great advantage over her as he could make her do anything for him, espcially in the other room. Even now, as he watched her, she saw that same vulnerability in her and knew that he still had her wrapped around his finger.
The problem here was that he didn’t want her wrapped around his fingers. He wanted someone else. Someone who was an enigma to him. Who was both shy and confident, tongue tied sometimes and opinionated at the same time. Someone that was unpredictable like Adanna.
Jude was furious with himself for still thinking of her. That girl was something else and so infuriating. How dare she disobey his orders when he sent sergeants to her? Who did she think she was? It was his fault. He let his guards down and showed her a part of himself no one had and then she took it as an opportunity to disrespect him.

If only she had followed his sergeants he would have demanded for her number. And she would have given it to him. Would she have ? Adanna was also a stubborn girl, he needed to teach a lesson. That annoyed him more, that he let her play him. A whole him, Jude! Ignored by a girl?  A mere corper for that matter!
Why couldn’t she just be like Halima? Vulerable and in love with him. That way he would have figured out what exactly was so special about her that he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He couldnt even hook up at the club last night. What the hell was wrong with him? He needed to get his game back.

“Please Zam…” Halima begged. “I still love you.”

What the hell?  Jude, determined to get his mojo back leaned in and too Halima’s lush lips with his and kissed her with every passion that he could conjure at that moment. It was Julian that came and interrupted them.

“I can see the love birds are back. 20 minutes inside and you both are eating yourselves. Any way next time you are eating yourselves up, try and open the door when it is ringing okay?”

She walked past them as Halima laughed and leaned into Jude who looked so confused. He didn’t understand why it was Adanna he was seeing while kissing Halima. What did that corper witch do to him?

“It should be the pizza guy.” Julian added as she got to the door. “Or not!”

“Yeah how can I help you,” Julian asked the chubby bald man that stood before her with a lady about her height, although dark in complexion and a little bit rounder than her.

“We are here to see Jude. If he is around tell him Obinna. He will know who I am.”

Julian looked behind her at her brother still watching Tv with Halima leaning into him before she looked back at the visitors. Most especially her eyes were fixed on the girl who looked right back at her.

Adanna was taken back by the beauty of the house they got to at Asokoro. It was huge and beautiful. She all of a sudden felt small and dirty. Well, she had just arrived from a long journey and navigated thorough Abuja to this place under the hot sun. She was allowed to feel small and dirty. But even that didn’t help her self confidence as she saw the beautiful lady that opened the door. Light smooth skin with full dark brows that was carved nicely. She was wearing a simple see through pretty blouse and black bum shorts that accentuated her fair long legs.

‘You are the maid Adanna. No need to feel bad.’ She encouraged herself.

“Come in.” Julian said and led the way to the sitting room. She was quickly followed by Obinna and Adanna stood by the door as uncle obinna had instructed. “Give me time to discuss with him before you come in. ”

“It’s nice to see you again sir.” Obinna said immediately he got to the sitting room. Jude remained sitted with Halima still beside him acting like a wife. He was not ready to shake her off his arm in front of the visitor who he was surprised to see.

“To what do I owe this unannounced visit?”

“It’s is about the money My friend owes you and your offer.”

“So? Did he agree to it?”

“Not exactly. His daughter agreed to it to assist.”

“That’s great!” Jude said. “Where is she?”

“Before I call her there is something I want to add.”


“She is a corper, serving here in Abuja. She will do all that is being asked of her but I plead with you, allow her time so she could still fulfils her NYSC obligations.”

Jude was quiet for a short while, accessing Obinna and what he just said. “Julian, you heard what he said. Is that okay by you ?”

“Yes. As long as she does what she has to do. I don’t have a problem with that.” Julian stood behind the couch her brother was sitting on with Halima.

“Fine. Where is she?”

“I will call her.” Obinna stood up and went to fetch Adanna who walked slowly behind him. She all of a sudden wanted to damn it all and go back home but this was her decision and she had already come too far to turn back.

“This is Adanna, Mr Nwankwo’s daughter. She is….”

Jude did not hear any thing that Obinna was saying again. It was as if his eyes were playing tricks on him. Was he imagining Adanna or was this really Adanna?

He could not tear his eyes off her, the same way Adanna could not tear her eyes off him. Out of all the houses she could have gone to as a maid, fate had to give her Jude. This lying cheating goat that had a beautiful lady hanging to his arm.
Adanna felt cold to her bones. Why why why why why? Why him, what kind of life was this. Why? Why? Oh why???? It didn’t even help that he looked so handsome in his dark glory. Pointed nose, defined jaw that seemed stiff as he looked at her and his light lips that was poised in a straight line.

Adanna schooled her features and made up her mind not to show any emotion towards him. She was here for her family, not this lying, cheating, lap dancing, hypocritical captain.

“Jude! Jude!!” Julian slapped her brothers shoulder and that snapped him from his trance like state.

“What is wrong? Do you know her?”
Jude looked at Adanna again and saw the anger in her eyes towards him. The stubborn witch he thought!

“Do you?” Halima sat up, eyeing him up and down suspiciously.
Everyone was watching him carefully. Waiting for his response. He looked at Adanna again and answered “No!”

With that he got of the couch abruptly and grabbed his phone and car key “I am going out.”

He matched out of the house and all they heard was the slam of the front door before the sound of his engine.

Julian turned back to face Adanna, giving her a suspicious look while Halima glared at her.

“What’s your name again?” Julian asked.

“Ada!” Adanna replied and raised up her chin.

“Good! let me show you to your room.” she started up the stairs before she tunred and face Obinna.

“That would be all. She is in safe hands, as long as she does what she is told and she doesn’t cause any trouble.”

But Adanna and Jude in the same house was recipe for trouble.


To be continued…


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