The Blog Revolution

For sometime, the Holy Spirit has been telling me to revive my blog for him. But I have been procrastinating it until today, I decided to take a major step of reinstalling wordpress.

As many times as I can, I will be sharing with you, important lessons I have learnt from my bible studies and please this is open to everyone, you are free to comment your questions, thoughts, opinions and testimonies about each post in the comment section and i will definitely reply to each.

By God’s grace, which is available, I will put up my first post tomorrow. I am excited about the wonderful time we will be having together with God’s word.

Thank you so much and watch out.

Ps: It will be really great if you reblog and share to others.

God bless.


5 thoughts on “The Blog Revolution

  1. Hi dear.
    It’s nice seeing you revive your blog again.
    I had same issue about mine too for a while, even longer than yours but thank God I was actually able to later revive it. So, we have something in common(blog revival). This time will definitely be better for us. It’s all part of the blogging journey!.
    It’s a great journey we have ahead and let’s not abadon this or get discouraged alone the way. It’s all a process. I was glad I could relate to that!
    Cheers honey!. Greater days ahead and more grace for us!

    Roses of Life

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