Little wonder


Is it just me or have you ever wondered  why certain things happen? Or why some things just are?

Everything seems perfect except for one thing…

There Is always a ‘but’ a very BIG ‘BUT’.
It might be an insignificant ‘But’ but it is still there… Always!

Little wonder why isn’t there perfection ?

Little wonder why would a perfect and all knowing God create a beautiful garden but put a forbidden tree in the middle?

Did he forget ? Was it a mistake ?
No! Because one thing I am certain about is that God makes no mistakes.

So this is my theory.

Perfection leaves no room for choices or decisions.
A perfect garden would have limited Adam and eve, hence no test of true obedience to God.

I will definitely love a perfect guy so it’s not an issue to debate about but when I meet a guy with ‘buts’ and still make a decision to love him, then that is true love. Perfect love!

We are surrounded by so many buts, but perfection comes when you are aware of the ‘but’ and  still make the right choice.

Adam and Eve would have been blameless/ perfect  before God if they had obeyed despite the ‘but’ at the center of the garden.

Little wonder why aren’t we all perfect by now?

Food for thought! Quit making the wrong choices and start making the right ones. Think it through and evaluate before you take a bite of that forbidden fruit.



If I am to put words to paper, it would be endless.

words seems futile too but music? It takes my thoughts and brings them to reality.


Stone cold, stone cold
You see me standing, but I’m dying on the floor
Stone cold, stone cold
Maybe if I don’t cry, I won’t feel anymore

Stone cold, baby
God knows I tried to feel
Happy for you
Know that I am, even if I
Can’t understand, I’ll take the pain
Give me the truth, me and my heart
We’ll make it through
If happy is her, I’m happy for you


Stone cold, stone cold
You’re dancing with her, while I’m staring at my phone
Stone cold, stone cold
I was your amber, but now she’s your shade of gold

Stone cold, baby
God knows I tried to feel
Happy for you
Know that I am, even if I
Can’t understand, I’ll take the pain
Give me the truth, me and my heart
We’ll make it through
If happy is her, I’m happy for you

Don’t wanna be stone cold, stone
I wish I could mend this but here’s my goodbye
Oh, I’m happy for you
Know that I am, even if I
Can’t understand
If happy is her, If happy is her
I’m happy for you




If I could take it all back I would…
All the love I had so generously given
The sacrifices I made without weighing the consequences
As Long as it was for you,  it was worthwhile. 

If I could take it all back, I would…
All the laughter I threw in your direction
Cos you ain’t that funny.  I was just happy being near you.

If I could take it all back,  I would…
The numerous I-love-you confessions that I meant
I take them back because you made me regret every syllable.

I take it all back. 

But too bad..  They have been spoken already and cannot be changed.. I have given it all away and now I cannot get it back.
All I have now are ‘ifs….

If I could take it all back,  I would!!!


Broken Pieces

Deeply expressed. One you can relate to



As the rain pours from the heavens and drums on the roof of my apartment and splatter on my window pane, a certain melody begins to flow in and out my ear, the wind blows the curtains about like a flag; Bed peace. Until heartbreak reminds me of days spent, time invested and emotions hardly ever shown during the 8 months we shared together with nothing to show for it. So I told you when you left me that there was nothing to forgive.
Fading memories of times we spent together, hours on the cellphone chatting and planning about our forever but the excitement I once felt had turned into a bore, the “qualities” I adored about you disgust and sicken me now; for your ungrateful eyes lusts after Her and your heart falling for another. It seems cruel to air these thoughts but I am jealous of the way…

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Conflict of the Heart


I cast my eyes upon setting the setting sun
While feeling the caress of the wind.
I shut my eyes to relish the beauty of this entrancing feeling
and for a moment my racing heart stopped to breath.

Just for a moment, I was no longer haunted by what would have been.
For a moment, my  thoughts didn’t crawl back to you.
It didn’t loathe you for being stupid or love you for being you.

In that moment, I saw the possibility of building a fortified wall around my heart.
One that would make me strong.

Just for a moment….

But the wind passed, the sun set and the haunting was back. 
My thoughts ran back to hating and loving you all at the same time,
And the walls I built came crumbling.

With you it’s always “square one” and we are just running in circles.
I want to let go as desperately as I want to hold on.
It is a conflict of the heart.


Just because I love him


My heart is a desert, devoid of you.
I pant after you,  your love
Like the deer panteth for water.
When will you come?
Like a rain drowning all my hopelessness and desperation.

I am like a wild fire, burning a deserted land
Inch by inch, until the whole lot is gone.

I am like the ocean- Wide,  free and deep, waiting to be tamed by the tidal waves of your love.

I am like the wind- Carefree and aimless waiting for your direction because you are my wind vane.

You Lord are the seal upon my heart,  the covering over my head, the pillar that holds this temple called my life.

You are my everything, so don’t let me go.  Hold me tight so that I would not stray.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Show some love today, touch the life of someone and do something good.
I was so touched when a friend of mine shared this with me.



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——One week later——

“5 minutes to the new year.” Kaylee screamed out of excitement and so Seun could hear her over the noise.

“Yes sweetness.” He leaned in and kissed her nose.

“So what time should I pick you up.”

“I don’t know, we also have the party for the twins.” Kaylee replied.

“And you are going to canada with Claire the day after tomorrow.” Seun added.

“Yes and I would soon be going back to Nigeria.” Kaylee frowned.

“I know… we just found each other and now you are leaving.” Seun said looking ahead. It seemed as if the crowd had intensified. They were gathered at the London square for the new year celebration and fireworks.  “You could just call my mum and tell her you cannot make it.” Seun suggested.

“Never! I cannot cancel on your mum or dad. I am coming over tomorrow. ”

Seun smiled at the fact that Kaylee had become fond of his family.

“Then what will you do? ”

“We would figure something out okay?” Kaylee assured him.

“Is that for the dinner with my parents or the fact that you would soon leave London?”

“Both? We would make this relationship work right?”

“Sure babe! If I have to come to Nigeria with you,  I will do it.”

“Perfect!” She squealed and clapped her hands.

“A minute to go.” Seun said, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“A year ago,  I didn’t know I would be so happy. What am I saying?” She laughed! “I didn’t know I would be this happy a month ago.”

“Until we met at a skating rink on one cold evening.” Seun added.

“More like ran into each other.” Kaylee corrected.

“Yeah it was all because of your big head.” He teased.


“The big head I really love.” Seun added.

“Yeah yeah…” Kaylee rolled her eyes.

“10…9…8…7…6…” they heard the crowd shout.

“To the rest of our lives?” Seun asked.

“To the rest of our lives.” Kaylee confirmed. She held his eyes as they joined the crowd.

“5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone cheered including Kaylee and Seun.

“I love you Kaylee and no matter the challenges we might face, we would face it together.”

“As long as we are together.” Kaylee added.

“Yes.” Seun leaned in and gave Kaylee a quick but lovely kiss. He intertwined their fingers together as they looked at the sky,  and watched the fireworks explode into different colours.

It was the beginning of a beautiful life for them.


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Much love